Emotional Skills
Coping Skills
Communication Skills
Social Skills

Your Chromebook stops working in the middle of a lesson!  Ahhhh!  You feel yourself getting stressed (what does that feel like?). What should you do?

Raise your hand.  Let your teacher know what happened.

Wait patiently for a time to ask for help.

Stay calm.  This is still a small problem. (rate it on a scale of 1-5).


How can you show support to a friend who is having a really bad day?

You can listen to them, offer support, try to cheer them up.


Would it be appropriate to tell everyone at school about a personal problem at home? Yes, No, or Maybe

No.  But if you have something on your mind about home and you really want to talk to someone, find some time to talk to a trusted adult or friend at school or home about your problem.  


When you are in a conversation with someone, how can you let someone know that you have heard them?

Ask a question or make a comment (QAC)


You just learned that you weren't invited to a birthday party of someone you thought you were friends with.  What can you do to make yourself feel better?

You can use positive self-talk

You can plan something fun to do on the day of the party


How do you know if someone you are talking to isn't interested in what you are saying?

They look away, their body is turned away, they aren't asking any questions, they don't look happy.


Your friend is angry with you for not playing with them on your online video game.  What can you do to solve this problem?

What does that look like? Roleplay with someone in the group.

Apologize, say you are sorry.   


What can you do if your teacher tells you to correct your work, but it makes you feel sad or angry that you did it wrong?

Ask if you can take a break/drink of water, take deep breaths, then tell yourself you can make the corrections (use self-talk).  Accept the feedback that was given to you.  


True or False.  When someone says you did something wrong they are being mean.

False- most of the time when someone tells you that you have done something wrong they are only trying to help you.  


Your best friend told you something that they asked you to keep private.  How do you work it out?

You should respect their privacy and not gossip about it.


How might you feel if your team member is talking about the new device she got for her birthday? It is the very same thing you asked your parents.

How can you work through those feelings?



People are picking on your friend during PE because he isn't good at playing soccer.  What should you do?

Stand up for your friend by telling them it is okay, and hang out with your friend.


What can you do if you are feeling frustrated?

Talk to a team member/friend, teacher or parent.

Self-talk, deep breaths, take a break, etc.


Why is it important to stay on topic during a conversation?

it helps people stay interested in what you are saying

it is expected that you do that


You get partnered with someone that you are not friends with, and you really don't want to work with them.  What do you do?

You can make a new friend during the project.

You can choose to tell them respectfully that you are now partners and you have to help each other.

Talk to your teacher


How might someone feel if they have done something wrong and they know it was wrong?



What can you do if you are feeling not as connected to others?

Ask to video chat with friends, ask to meet a friend outside, call a friend, play video games online with friends, talk to a trusted adult for advice.


A friend has said something that hurts your feelings. What can you do?

Tell them how you feel with a nice voice and explain why. 

You may also ask if you have hurt them sometime in the past


Sometimes we can have sad feelings. What should you do when you feel sad at school? 

Ask to take a break, give yourself some alone time, take deep breaths, understand what is making you sad and talk to a trusted adult or friend.


You feel like your friend may be upset with you, but you aren't sure why.  He/ she just doesn't seem to be hanging out with you as much.  What can you do?

You can politely ask your friend what is upsetting them.

You can try to cheer your friend by doing something they like


You are working slower than your classmates or teacher.  Your teacher moves on to the next problem, and you are not ready to move on.  How do you feel?  

What should you do?

You feel rushed, anxious, stressed.

You can:

Shift and move on to the next one.  You can always go back to finish up the problem that isn't complete 


Finish the one you are working on, and then ask a classmate or your teacher to help you catch up.


You are having a hard time at school learning something new.  It is a really hard material.  What is something you can do to help calm yourself down?

Take deep breaths, talk with someone about how you are feeling, ask a friend for help, take a walk to calm down, think of something that makes you happy


What is the best way to deal with a classmate who won't stop talking to you during instructional time?

Let the student know you can't talk now, as you are trying to listen to the teacher.   (show both verbally and non-verbally)

Tell them you can talk with them more at lunch or recess.


Why is it important to show expected behaviors in the classroom?

The expected behavior in the class creates a healthy classroom culture and it helps you and your classmates maximum learning.


What are some coping skills to use when you are feeling stressed or upset?

Take some breaths, exercise, listen to music, color, draw, change the channel, watch a video (if at home), punch a pillow, etc.