Economic Globalization
Historical Globalization
Environment and Sustainability
Globalization is the spreading of the ideas and technology around the world. How each others P.O.V is shared to others around the world.
What is Globalization? Describe In Social Studies Terms.
The spread of trade , transportation, and communication systems around the world. Promoting world commerce.
What is Economic Globalization?
A period that was known when Christopher Columbus made his voyage to Canada and spread ideas at that time. Globalization that has happened in the past.
What is Historical Globalization?
One country's domination over another country's economic, political, and cultural institutions.
What is Imperialism?
The environment Is something we live for and that is important to us humans. The sustainability of the world depends on the environment's well being.
What is Environment and Sustainability?
Collective identity is a group of individuals identity as a group of people. Individual identity is the identity of a single individual based on their characteristics.
What is collective identity and individual identity?
He was a politician skilled in the economics. He believed that government involvement would help the economy grow better when The Great Depression hit the world.
Who was John Maynard Keynes?
It caused them to hunt different and kill almost all of the beavers for their pelts to trade in for more European items. They nearly killed all the buffalo and beavers.
How did the arrival of firearms change the way of the First Nations?
The difference is that Eurocentric is a ethnocentric view but based towards the Europe trends and traditions. When Ethnocentrism is just being more superior and thinking they are inferior.
What is the difference in Eurocentric and Ethnocentrism?
1.Cut energy uses 2.Cut car uses 3.Help lower Ecological Footprint.
How can we lower Co2 Emissions?
A corporation that is owned by the government and not owned privately.
What is a Crown Corporation?
He was a politician that believed that government involvement was a bad idea to help the economy to develop. Instead he thought that people be better off on their own.
Who was Friedrich Hayek?
It sped up the amount of time that products and goods could be produced. Made the country produce more gold and minerals. Changed the world to be more industrialized.
How did the Industrial Revolution affect the world?
The cotton wanted for British cotton textiles were wanted in high demand so they forced the Indians to grow more and that caused the deindustrialization of India.
What caused India's deindustrialization?
An agreement that was signed in the City of Kyoto Japan to lower Co2 Emission back to the levels they were in 1990's. Canada agreed to this but pulled out later.
What was the Kyoto Protocol?
The world was affected by the imperialism by the spreading of the colonists ideas that lived there. For example when Cortez took over the Aztec they left behind some trace of Spanish way of Life.
How did imperialism affect the globalization of the world?
It get affected by the shops it spreads and the term Americanization can also depict this. Either is helps the developing country or it ruins the country.
How does a Transnational Corporation affect an countries economy?
This trade route stretched from China to Europe and helped spread the ideas of Trade. The trade of products and goods help promote this idea to develop better ideas of it today.
How did The Silk Road spread the idea of Historical Globalization?
It spread the idea by the converting of the people's culture and way of life to another. This was the base idea of the term Globalization. This was the foundation of the Globalization
How did assimilation spread the ideas of Globalization?
They were bad because of the amount of pollution produced help lower the sustainability of the Earth and how we humans can live longer.
Why are the Alberta Oil Sands so bad?
A zone that is along the U.S borders and Mexican Borders that helps the Mexicans develop a better economy and produce easy goods for U.S companies. Mexicans get hard shift lives and make minimal money.
What is the Maquiladora Zone? How does it affect the lived of Mexicans?
The country got a lot in debt but in the end the unemployment rate in Canada was less than 10% because after the World Wars the woman and everyone was at work making weapons and stuff.
How did the WW1 and WW2 affect Canada's Economy?
This is important because of the way we learned to develop ideas for future generation uses. We treat this as a important fact to help develop for ideas.
Why is Historical Globalization important?
They were affected by the numbered treaties and the residential schools that changed their life. This also help the people spread the idea and how they dealt with the problem of assimilation.
Overall how were the First Nations affected?
The earth Is affected by all sorts of thing including the prosperity of the earth. How each individual lives their life each day at home. Their Ecological Footprint is also a very big fact about this.
How did sustainable prosperity affect the Earth's sustainability?
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