Zones of Regulation
Perspective Taking
Calming Strategies
What zone is "ready to learn" in?
Green zone
When you are at school, what are two expected behaviors while in your classroom?
Possible ideas: whole body listening, calm body, respectful, following directions, doing your work
Someone in your class asks you to play at recess, you tell them, "No, I don't want to play with you." How might they feel?
They might feel sad. 
If someone tells you they do not want to play with you, what can you do? 
You can ask someone else. You might feel kind of sad, but it is good to try to make a new friend!
If you feel your body leaving the green zone and getting wiggly, what is one thing you can do to relax and get back to the green zone so you are ready to focus and learn ?
Take deep breaths, use self-talk, ask for a break, talk to a teacher
If you didn't get an invitation to someone's birthday party, how would you feel and what zone would you be in?
Sad, blue zone
It is the beginning of gym class. Mr. Fischer tells you to start running laps. You start to run laps. Is it expected or unexpected to run in gym when asked to?
Expected! Name one UNEXPECTED behavior in gym class.
You really like how someone's hair looks so you reach out and touch it. They turn around and push your hand away and tell the teacher. What might they be thinking?
They may be thinking: they need to ask me before they touch me! I did not like that. Why were they touching me?  They were invading my space.
True or not true: You might get into a fight with a good friend sometimes.
True! How would you work out a fight with a good friend?
If you are feeling wiggly and you go on the swing and still feel wiggly after, do you think it was a good calming strategy for your body? Did it work to get you back to the green zone?
No it did not work! What else could you try?
List two feelings in the blue zone
sad, tired, sick, bored
Is it unexpected or expected to tell another person: 
"That picture does not look very good. You are not a very good artist."
Unexpected! What should you do instead?
Your teacher asks you to start your writing work. You say, "No! I don't want to!" and throw your pencil. What are your classmates thinking?
They may be thinking: Unexpected behavior! He/she needs to follow the directions even if they do not want to, that is our job at school.
True or not true: A good friend is someone who makes you go last every time you play a game.
Not true!
If you are in the red zone and feeling out of control, what calming strategy works the best for you?
Relaxing, break, ipad, squishy sand, deep breaths, etc.
If you feel your body getting tight and hot what zone might it be in?
Red zone
Expected or unexpected: You are singing in music, but you start to sing in a really squeaky voice to make your friends laugh.
Unexpected! What are two expected behaviors while in music?
Your riding a bike with a friend and accidentally run into them and they fall. They start crying and yelling at you for hitting them. What are they thinking?
Even though it is an accident, they may not know it. They may be thinking: Why did they run into me? That made me fall! I feel sad and mad! What do you think you could say to them?
List two ways you can be a good friend to others
Examples: play with them, be respectful, be a bucket filler, take turns, etc.
Demonstrate taking three deep breaths to calm down.
Great job!
List three feelings you that are in the red zone
Mad/Angry, yelling/hitting, terrified, out of control
Name two expected behaviors during recess.
Ideas: Being a kind friend, taking turns, waiting your turn, including everyone, running around, listening to the adults, etc.
You are playing at free choice and you start getting a little out of control and run around the room. How do you think your teacher is feeling? What is she thinking? What are your friends thinking?
Your teacher may be thinking: Wow! That is not expected behavior right now. That is not okay. Your friends may be thinking: They are out of control! They need to calm down! I don't want to get in trouble so I am not going to play with them. That is not funny.
List two things that a good friend would do
Examples: Help you, hug you, play with you, be respectful, be kind, 
If you are upset and you say: "I want to play on the ipad!!!" Is that a good calming strategy?
No, the ipad could be a choice after you calm down. What could help you to calm down before that?
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