Friendship skills
I feel
Social skills

Noah is playing with a ball and an older kid takes it from him. What could you do? 

ask the older kid to give it back, get a new ball or noah or tell a teacher.


I am lying in bed, listening to my favourite song. Everything is peaceful and quiet. I feel....

Happy, calm & relaxed 


show me your favourite breathing technique

breath in 

breath out


Show how you introduce yourself to a classmate you never met in person.

Hi My name is__________, what is your name?


You are taking a test and the guy behind you asks you for help. He wants to know what you put for question number two. What could you do?

You tell them you're sorry but cannot help them


Someone told Toby he was stupid because he didn't get any spelling words correct. What could you do?

Tell that person it is not nice to say that, remind them what it looks like to be kind. Remind toby all the things they are good at. Be a good friend to Toby.


I was supposed to go to the mall with Jordan, she went to the mall with Maya instead. I feel...

Sad, dissapointed, left out and hurt


A calming strategy that works for me 

deep breaths, walk, drink of water, talking to an adult

What should you do if you feel very shy but want to speak to someone?

Practice what you are going to say.


The teacher is giving directions, but your friend sitting next to you keeps talking.  You can't hear the directions. What should you do?

You tell your friend to stop talking to you. You stay quiet and listen to your teacher


Amelia is upset because her friends arent talking to her and she does not know why. What should you do?

Ask her to play with you.


I have to give a presentation in front of the entire class. My hands are shaking. I feel...

Nervous, worried, overwhlemed


I spill my drink, what should I do?

Stay calm, clean it up, don't get upset (accidents happen, it's ok!)


What would you describe as the best quality you provide in a friendship?

It’s up to you! There is no right or wrong answer


There is a guy in your class who is always mean to you. He always bumps you when he walks by and he calls you names. He knocks stuff out of your hands and makes you feel stupid. You don't think you can take it anymore. What could you do?

Ask him to stop, talk to an adult, do not try and get even

Someone hit Lily on the play ground and called her a mean name. What do you do?

ask if shes okay - help her if needed. ask her if she wants to play. Talk to an adult


I have been waiting for my friend to call me all day. They should be home by now. I feel... 

worried, confused and concerned 


How do you handle frustration?

Breathing, talking about it with my mom or dad, talk to a friend, playing with toys or games, going outside to play


true or false

Friends should be good listeners?



You were waiting to swing.  When it was your turn, another boy jumped in front of you and took the swing. What would you do?

Kindly explain you were waiting, if they don't get off, talk to an adult

No one will play with Oliver at playtime, even when he asks to join in games. What do you do? 

Invite him to play with you and your friends, ask what he wants to play.


My friend has been annyoing me all day. They haven't been kind and they have told our friends mean things about me. They tired to trip me today when I tried to walk away. I feel...

angry, annoyed, frustrated


What are two conversation strategies?

Make eye contact, show that you're listening with your body language (lean in, nodding your head...), don't interrupt, stay on topic, ask questions

Can you be friends with someone who has different interests than you?

Yes! (It's ok to be different)


You ask a teacher or adult in the school for something, they say no. What do you do?

Listen to them. Try to ask again later if appropriate, l - DO NOT do it anyway!