Social Skills
Life Skills
Hygiene/social skills
Health/social skills
Safety/social skills

True or False: If I need to ask my counselor a question, I can go in their office anytime.

False. You should always knock on the door before walking in OR if their door is open, ask if they are able to talk.


Should we put cooked pasta in the pantry or the refrigerator?

The refrigerator. You don't want it to go bad.


How early should you arrive to class/an activity/to work?

At least 5 minutes early, but it is ideal to shoot for 10 minutes early.


TRUE or FALSE It is okay to drink milk every day.

True. Milk is very good for your body because it has calcium in it.

What should you do when you are crossing the street or busy parking lot

look both ways


Can you name three Vanguard employees?

answers may vary


TRUE OR FALSE:  It is ok to use someone's belongings without their permission.

FALSE. It is not ok to use someone else's belongings, especially when they don't know.


Should we put a can of soda in the freezer or the fridge?

In the fridge. Frozen cans can burst!


True or False. It is okay to tell a classmate that they smell bad.

False. You should tell the teacher and the teacher will speak with the student.


Name 3 healthy fruits or vegetables. 

- berries

- spinach

- kale

- lettuce

- banana

- mangos 

- tomatoes 


True or False. When playing cards or a board game, it is perfectly alright to be angry when you lose. 

False. It is important to be a good sport and congratulate the winner. 


Give a compliment to someone else in the room

Any compliment!


True or False: When someone does not quickly respond to my question, I should repeatedly ask them until they answer

False: You should wait for the person to be ready to answer. Be patient and say "excuse me" before politely asking the question again. 


If I finished my assignment, what is a good way to let my teacher know that I am done?

Raise my hand, put my paper in the completed work bin, and ask my teacher what's next


What do you use to wash your hands?



I can NOT stop thinking about my favorite show. I am going to tell everybody about it every time I think about it. Is this okay? 

It is great that you are excited but be mindful of how many times you tell the same story. Share a new memory or ask a friend what they enjoy.


True or False: It is okay to go help a stranger find their lost puppy by getting in their car.

False. Never go in a car with a complete stranger.


What is the name of Mrs. Tressler's Dog?



Your boss asks you to run an errand or complete a task. You forgot where you were supposed to go/were supposed to do. What should you do?  

Go back to your boss and ask them to repeat the directions. 


If I need to get someone's attention I can say

Excuse me or raise a quite hand


I can smell my body odor. What can I do to prevent this?

- Apply body spray or deodorant in the morning before going out.

- Take a shower using soap


True or False:  It is important to eat foods from all of the different food groups

True. You should be eat a balanced meal of vegetables, fruits, protein, and carbs.


Someone you don't know on Instagram messages you and asks for your phone number. What do you do? 

do NOT give it to them and block them


What is Mrs. Tressler's favorite class to teach?

Science or Reading


How do you greet a friend when you get to school?


-Good morning

-How are you?


You got cheese at the store today. Does cheese go in the cabinet or the fridge?

Cheese goes in the fridge


I just sneezed! what should I do? 

wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, you might also need a tissue to blow or wipe my nose. 


Why is it important to exercise?

It releases endorphins, you burn calories, you work out your muscles, it is good for your heart, etc


If a stranger asks you to walk with them to your car, do you go with them?



Can you name all four Vanguard Values?

Safety, Respect, Readiness, and Responsibility