Chapter 1: Briggan
Chapter 2: Uraza
Chapter 3: Jhi
Chapter 4: Essix
Chapter 5: Training
His dad had debts to The Earl of Trunswick (Devin's dad).
Why did Conor have to work as a servant for Devin?
Her gift of the antelope would serve a purpose because the drought had made food scarce and the villagers could eat the antelope meat
Why did Abeke feel that the villagers needed the antelope she killed?
The last person to drink the nectar had the best chance of summoning a spirit animal.
Why was it important for a kid to be the last person to drink the nectar at the ceremony?
Since he was an orphan since age five, he knew that stealing was part of survival but he avoided it whenever possible.
How did Rollan feel about stealing?
He had urgent matters that he had to tend to elsewhere.
Why didn't Zerif join Abeke on her voyage?
Call a spirit animal
What did the 11 year olds have to try to do at the Trunswick Nectar Ceremony?
At her 11th nameday ceremony
Where did Abeke plan to present the antelope?
General Teng, one of the five high commanders of the Zhongese military.
Who is Meilin's father? What is his job?
Digger really needed help. He had a high fever and it was getting worse. Without medicine (the willow extract) he would die.
Why did Rollan want to help his friend Digger?
He was a boy that Zerif entrusted to take care of Abeke. He was helping her learn to improve her connection with Uraza.
Who is Shane?
Devin, Abby, and Conor
What is What were the names of the 3 kids that were scheduled to drink the nectar?
A beaded tapestry depicting herons in flight over a pond
What did Abeke's sister, Soama present to the village for her 11th nameday?
The invasion of Zhong had begun and they must hurry to the ceremony and then move out. The city of Shar Liwao had fallen.
What did General Chin, Meilin's father closest aide tell her while she was getting ready for the ceremony?
Work hard and help tidy up Mr. Valdez's store.
What did Rollan offer to do in exchange for the willow extract?
She was concerned that the drought might continue with her absence since Chinwe thought that she would be the village's new rain dancer.
What was Abeke concerned about when it came to her village?
A sheepdog, because he liked dogs and his family had 10 of them.
What type of animal did Conor say he would like to have? Why?
Because she was late for the bonding ceremony and she wanted to present the anelope as her nameday gift and not the jar that she made
Why was Abeke's father upset with her?
Hand to had combat.
What was Meilin's favorite past time?
Mr. Valdez thought he set him up by distracting him while Smarty stole the extract.
Why did Rollan go to jail?
She had to gain Uraza's trust.
What did Abeke have to do to get Uraza to enter into a passive state?
More than half a year
How long had it been since Conor had seen his family?
Her mother, she understood her better than anyone
Who did Abeke wish for and why?
Animals that would augment (go with) her fighting skills. A tiger, snow leopard or ox.
What types of animals did Meilin hope for?
Because he had to have his nectar before he turned 12. If he didn't have his nectar, the bond was a gamble, it drove people mad, ill or some died.
Why did the jailer ask Rollan his age?
He arranged for someone to pretend to be an attacker/assassin. Abeke was able to get Uraza in the passive state and she became a tattoo on her arm.
What did Shane do to see if Abeke could perform well under pressure? How did this help Abeke?
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