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Sport Vocabulary

In which sport do you use a bat?

BONUS 200: Name three sports.

You use a bat in baseball, softball, and cricket.


How long is each half of a professional soccer game?

BONUS 200 POINTS: How long is halftime?

A typical professional soccer match has two 45-minute halves with a halftime of 15 minutes.


Can you name two sports played/done in water?

Swimming, Water Polo, Diving, Snorkeling.


Name one of the Top 5 World Soccer Clubs.

Bayer Leverkusen (Germany), Liverpool FC (England), Manchester City (England), Real Madrid (Spain), Inter Milan (Italy)


A type of hard hat that protects the head of the players in some sport.

a. An armour

b. A helmet

c. A bowler hat

B. A helmet.


What do you call a player whose position is in the goal?

The player whose position is in the goal is called the goalie/goalkeeper.


How long is an NBA basketball game?

NBA games last 48 total minutes.


Can you name three sports that do not use a ball?

BONUS 200: Name 6 sports.

Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, Cycling, Skiing, Track, Wrestling, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Surf, Weightlifting, Extreme Sports


Name one of the top 10 highest-paid athletes in 2023.

Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer), Lionel Messi (soccer), Kylian Mbappé (soccer), LeBron James (basketball), Stephen Curry (basketball), Kevin Durant (basketball), Roger Federer (tennis), Phil Mickelson (golf),Dustin Johnson (golf), Canelo Álvarez (boxing)


Who trains a person or a team in a sport?

a. Trainee

b. Coach

c. Couch

b. A coach (USA) / A manager (UK).


What do you call the person who makes sure the rules in a game are not broken?

BONUS 200: What do you call this person in baseball?

The person who makes sure the rules in a game are not broken is called the referee (ref).

In baseball, they are called umpires (umps).


How many players start for each soccer team?

Soccer is played by a team of 11 players.


Can you name three individual sports and three teams?

BONUS 200: Name six sports for each.

Individual sports: skiing, surfing, swimming, archery, gymnastics, boxing, running, cycling, equestrianism, fencing, figure skating, martial arts, wrestling, golf, snowboarding

Team sports: baseball, basketball, tennis, bowling, cricket, football, handball, hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, polo, rugby, American football, volleyball, water polo


What are the medals called when the first, second and third places are awarded?

First place: gold

Second place: silver

Third place: bronze


The leader of a sports team is called, what?

a. boss

b. captain

c. commander

b. The leader of a sports team is the captain.


What does NBA stand for?

NBA stands for National Basketball Association.


How many players are on an NBA basketball team?

Each NBA team can have a maximum of 15 players, only 13 players are playing each game.


Name this sport: The two contestants must bow to each other at the start of the contest. They should wear white clothing. They should wear white clothing and different color belts. Contestants must only attack with arms and legs of their opponent.

This sport is karate.


Who is the most famous athlete of all time?

Muhammad Ali is the most famous athlete ever and possibly the most famous person period.


A small metal of plastic tube that you blow to make a sound to attract the players' attention.

a. whisper

b. whistle

c. whisker

b. A whistle.


What is the most popular sport in the world?

Football (in the USA: Soccer) has over 4 billion fans. It is by far the most popular sport in the world.


How many referees are there in a soccer/football game?

In professional soccer game, there are usually one referee and two assistant referees. In some games there may be a fourth or even fifth referee calling the game.


Can you name two extreme sports?

Motorcycle racing, Motocross, Surfing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Extreme skiing, Snowboarding, Parachuting, Wingsuit, Gliding, Skateboarding, Mountain biking, BMX racing


How often do the Summer Olympic Games take place?

BONUS 200 POINTS: What city will host the 2024 Summer Olympics?

The Summer Olympic Games are held once every four years.

The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in Paris, France.


The pair of glasses that fit closely to the face to protect your eyes from water in swimming.

a. googles

b. goggles

c. goblins

b. goggles