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A great running back, he was most famous for (allegedly) getting away with murder.

Who is OJ Simpson?


The active PPG leader, he is looking to follow in the footsteps of Dirk Nowitzki by leading Dallas to a title.

Who is Luka Doncic?


The captain of the Royals.

Who is Salvador Perez?


The names of the three Power 5 Division I teams near Kansas City; team names, not the university.

Who are the Tigers, Jayhawks, and Wildcats?


He is regarded as the greatest soccer player of all time after winning the last World Cup with Argentina.

Who is Messi?


He is the active career leader in passing yardage despite missing last season with an injury.

Who is Aaron Rodgers?


He has the most NBA championships as a player.

Who is Bill Russell?


The name of Kansas City's professional men's (MLS) soccer team.

What is Sporting?

This Utah university that recently joined the Big 12 is named for the second leader of the Mormon Church, who believed that all those with dark skin were tainted by the Mark of Cain.

What is Brigham Young (BYU)?


Often regarded as a "rich people sport", this sport began to gather a larger following in minority communities after Tiger Woods made his professional debut.

What is golf?


Still considered by many as the greatest defender ever, this player known as "L.T." played his entire career for the Giants.

Who is Lawrence Taylor?


He holds the record for 3-point percentage in an NBA career with 45.4%; he currently coaches the guy you probably thought was the answer.

Who is Steve Kerr?


Considered one of the greatest pass rushers ever, this Hall of Famer and career Chief died from a car crash in 2000 while still playing for the team.

Who is Derrick Thomas?


The last basketball champion from outside the Power 6, this desert university famously knocked off Duke in the 1990 tournament.

What is UNLV?


The most decorated Olympian of the modern era, this US swimmer holds 28 medals, 23 of which are golds.

Who is Michael Phelps?


He holds the record for most points scored in an NFL career.

Who is Adam Vinatieri?

In one of the final years of his career, he hit a clutch 3 in game 6 of the finals to keep his team alive. Both he and LeBron would win their second championships that year.

Who is Ray Allen?


The current NBA franchise that used to play in Kansas City.

Who are the Kings?


Where the College World Series is played; they're within driving distance of Kansas City and have a great zoo.

What is Omaha?


One of the greatest boxers of all time, he famously changed his name when he converted to Islam and would later go to jail for refusing to go to war in Vietnam.

Who is Muhammad Ali?


The first executive of the Cowboys, he is credited with using marketing to turn them into "America's Team".

Who is Tex Schramm?


He holds the record for most MVPs won with 6, and is the only player to win one in a year when his team did not make the postseason.

Who is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?


This KC's National Women's Soccer League team began playing games in their new stadium, one of very few in the entire world built for a women's team, in March.

Who are the Current?


Drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft by the Dolphins, this Missouri defensive end graduated from Lincoln Prep at the same time as Mr. Clapp.

Who is Charles Harris?


Often considered the GOAT of GOATs, this hockey player known as "The Great One" held 61 NHL records at the time of his retirement in 1999; he still holds 58 of them.

Who is Wayne Gretzky?