all in all


The British have always taken a serious stance on sport and have always treated it as professional competition rather than just entertainment.




Judging by the numbers of people who play it and watch it, cricket is definitely not the national sport of Britain.



What's the connection between this picture and football in Britain?

Traditionally, football drew its main following from the working class. 



The origins of rugby may be traced to the working class of the south of England since it was a way for miners and factory workers to earn some money. 

False; north


Wimbledon, 1970
Why is it one of the milestones in the history of British sport?

It was one of the developments in the history of the British sport that indicated its growing professionalism and a different attitude towards sport on the governmental level.


"Summers will never be the same again"

What event provoked such a statement from the British PM in 1994?

One of the famous cricket commentators died 


What are the plus and the minus of fooball taking a much wider appeal? 

+ less hooliganism
- more expensive

Historically, the two versions of the rugby game are rugby ... and rugby ...

league; union


"It has taken somebody or several people a few hours to carry out the work. The flowers weren't just pulled up. They were carefully snipped off, you could say almost professionally done, with secateurs".

What event does it refer to and what British trait does it reveal?

Mystery of the village's 5,000 prize daffodils decapitated days before Bloom contest

The spirit of competition (sometimes deadly rivarly)


Which country is it about?

'... practice cricket on a large scale. There are cricket stadiums in every town and city. Still, the sport’s reach into ... culture is even deeper than that. Cricket has been a motif in numerous movies ever since 1979. Then, we can safely assume that it’s become part of the culture'.



Match the cause with its consequence:

1) the appearance of fanzines and internet blogs about football                                                      a) the growing interest of intelligentsia

2) the introduction of 'all-seater stadium'             b) the amount of fans decreased

3) the attendance of legal matches has become a sign of fashionable status                                  c) matches have become a safer environment

1. a

2. c

3. b

Football is the most popular sport in the whole of the UK with just one exception: ... . In (capital) the phrase '...' day means that the national rugby team are playing. 

Wales; Cardiff; international


Clarify the following notions:

medal targets, soft sports, the Chelsea Flower Show, 'spiritual homes' of sports

a plan about the quantity and quality of medals expected to be obtained by the British sportspeople by the British Olympic Association;

sports in which few nations compete;

an event of garden and flowers display held in London;

locations where significant sporting events take place (like Wimbledon)


Some picture puzzles for you :)

What are those pictures about?




1. Some people both listen to the radio and watch the TV when cricket matches are broadcast. 

2. Cricket matched take a lot of time

3. Cricket is not so much about sport as about the feeling of sunny summer afternoon, slow, peaceful rural lifestyle


Match the picture with the type of football

Australian football, rugby football, American football, soccer





1. soccer

2. Australian

3. rugby football

4. American football


'Hate begets hate, violence engenders violence...' Or does it always?
How is this phrase connected with rugby? 

Violence is the integral part of the game itself so there is no need of violence on the part of its supporters.


Match the type of sport with its corresponding competition:

1. tennis             a. Oxbridge

2. football           b. Wimbledon

3. cricket            c. Royal Ascot 

4. boat race        d. Lord's

5. horce racing    e. Wembley

1. b

2. e

3. d

4. a

5. c

A game playd on grass by two teams of ... players. Players score points called ...  by hitting a ball with a wooden ... and running between two sets of vertical wooden sticks, called ... 

eleven; runs; bat; stumps


Fill in the gaps with the missing information :)

Even though it's widely know as soccer or, mostly British, football, its official name is '...'. Everywhere in the country football is easily the most popular ... sport and the most-played sport in the country's state ... . In terms of popularity, it's football, not ... , is the national sport. Its popularity has only grown throughout years since in the new century the proportion of ... spectators has doubled since 1980, though they are still a minority. 

Association Football; spectator; schools; cricket; women; 


1) Rules: what is the goal of the game?

2) Playing time: ... minutes

3) The ball is (shape)

4) You can stop a player any way you want except with a ... or a kick

5) It is the most popular sport in the Pacific Islands (name at least one country)

1. You need to place the ball down over the opposing team's goal line

2. 80

3. Egg-shaped

4. punch

5. New Zealand/Fiji/Samoa/Tonga