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What does frostnip affect?

Frostnip affects the ears, nose, cheeks, chins, fingers, and toes. 


How much water does the average adult require a day?

The average adult requires 2.5L of water a day.


What does AROM stand for?

Bonus: What does it mean?

Active Range of Motion: the portion of the total range of motion through which a joint can be moved by an active muscle contraction.


How long does it take for a fracture of the long bone take to heal. 

It takes about 6 weeks.


What is emergency preparedness?

It means to be properly equipped and trained for any medical crisis or disaster.


What are two ways to prevent hyperthermia?

1. Unrestricted fluid replacement

2. Gradual Acclimatization 

3.  Identification of susceptible individuals

4. Routine record keeping

5. Lightweight uniforms 


What can a lack of calcium cause in your bones.



What may limit a person's ROM?

Normal bone structure, fat, and skin or scar tissue may limit the ability to move through a full ROM.


What is a dislocation?

A dislocation occurs when at least one bone in a joint is forced completely out of its normal and proper alignment. 


What is a medical emergency? 

A medical illness or traumatic injury that has the potential to be life-threatening or can progress to a life-threatening event in the absence of treatment.


What is an exertional heat cramp?

An extremely painful muscle spasms that occur most commonly in the calf and abdomen, although any muscle can be involved.


How do most "low-carb" replace carbohydrates?

Most “low-carb” diets replace carbohydrates with a high-fat and moderate protein diet.


What's the purpose of a good warm-up?

The function of the warm-up is to prepare the body physiologically for upcoming physical work bout, gradually stimulating the cardiorespiratory system to a moderate degree.


What occurs during a grade 2 sprain?

There is some tearing and separation of the ligament fibers, with moderate instability of the joint, moderate to severe pain, and joint stiffness.


Why do we use emergency medical cards?

To have an athlete's medical information and emergency contact information in the event of a serious injury.


What is the most common malignant tumor found in humans?

Skin cancer


What three processes cause calories to be expended? 

1. basal metabolism

2. work

3. exertion


What is the SAID principle?

The SAID principle states that when the body is subjected to stresses and overloads of varying intensities, it will gradually adapt over time to overcome whatever demands placed it, thus minimizing the potential for injury.


What are three types of fractures and how do they occur?

Spiral fractures are caused by twisting.

Oblique fractures are caused by the combined forces of axial compression, bending and torsion.

Transverse fractures occur because of bending.


What is the purpose of an emergency preparedness plan?

To outline the steps to be taken in the event of a medical crisis or disaster.


When you warm up tissue from frostbite, what happens?

The tissue become blotchy, red, swollen, and extremely painful.

What are two signs of anorexia athletica? 

Disturbances of body image

Gastrointestinal complaints

Menstrual dysfunction

Excessive fear of becoming obese


Compulsive eating and/or restrictions of caloric intake


How is periodization organized?

It is organized into cycles where the complete period is divided into pre-season, in-season, and off-season training.


What is neuritis? 

Neuritis is a chronic nerve pain problem that is caused by a variety of forces that usually have been repeated or continued for a long time with symptoms that range from minor nerve problems to paralysis.


Name three things that you should say to EMS when you call 9-1-1. 

Name, Address and Phone Number

Number of athletes injured

Condition of the injured athlete(s)

Care and treatment being provided at the scene by the athletic training staff

Accurate directions to the scene

Any other information requested by dispatcher

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