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The term used to describe in basketball when a player reached double digits in three favorable statistical categories (point, rebounds, assists, blocks, etc.)
What is triple double?
The term in print writing used to describe the structure of a typical sports story
What is inverted pyramid?
Home to famous soccer clubs Juventus, AC Milan and Roma.
What is Italy's Serie A?
The only golfer to win The Masters six times.
Who is Jack Nicklaus?
This U.S. city hosts the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
What is Newport, Rhode Island?
The term given in soccer to an overtime period that ends when a single goal is scored regardless of the time left on the clock in overtime.
What is golden goal or sudden death?
The term in journalism used to denote that whatever a source says is subject to publication.
What is on the record?
This professional soccer league hosts teams such as Portland Thorns FC, Seattle Reign FC, and Washington Spirit.
What is the NWSL (National Women's Soccer League)?
The Davis Cup is associated with this sport.
What is Tennis?
This collegiate hockey team is one of the most successful in the NCAA. The University of North Dakota Hawks is located in this city.
What is Grand Forks, North Dakota?
The term given in soccer to a shot that must either be saved by the defending team, or a goal scored. Shots that strike the post or crossbar do not count in this category.
What is a shot on frame (or on goal)?

The set of rules that govern grammar, style and usage of language in sports stories.

What is Associated Press (AP) style.

The governing body that oversees all youth soccer leagues in the US, including AYSO, US YOUTH Soccer, and US Premiere Club Soccer.
What is US Soccer?
In international volleyball competitions, the number of players allowed on a team, not including substitutions.
What is six?
This city is the home base of the AFC Ajax team.
What is Amsterdam, Netherlands
The term for the soccer statistic that is calculated by goals allowed x 80 divided by the total minutes played.
What is Goals against average?

The part of a print story that usually appears after the lead and tells the how or why of the story.

What is the nut graph?

This professional league is top of the pile in Mexico.
What is Liga MX?
This olympic gymnast was the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect 10 score on the uneven bars and scored 7 perfect 10's total in that same olympics.
Who is Nadia Comaneci?
This minor league baseball team used to be called the Tucson Padres. In 2014, it moved to this city and became the Chihuahuas.
What is El Paso, Texas?
The term in baseball calculated by the number of walks plus hits per inning.
What is WHIP?
This story structure starts with an example of an individual, then transitions to use that example of something happening on a broader level, then concluded by returning to the story of the individual.
What is diamond format?
Many countries have their own professional soccer leagues for clubs within their country. This league hosts the top teams in Belgium.
What is Jupiler League.
One of the differences between rugby union and rugby league is the number of players per team. This position, usually part of the scrum in rugby union, does not exist in rugby league. Players of this position in rugby union usually wear numbers six and seven.
What is a flanker?
The professional soccer club Flamengo is one of the most popular in it's host country. This city is its home base.
What is Rio de Janeiro?
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