Field Events
Everything is Game
A conversation, but also an event on the field.
What is discuss?
It's a bird, it's a plane. No, its a track athlete jumping over one of these.
What is a hurdle?
An olympic sized pool is *blank* yards long
What is 50?
The 'D' in CD, this word is another name for the 'ball' used in frisbee
What is Disc?
James, Bryant, Wade are among the best that ever played. We see them on TV, they are who we hope to be. A great bunch to watch as masters of this sport.
What is Basketball?
Up Up and away. This event uses a rod to get over a bar.
What is pole vaulting?
There is no I in team. In this particular event, you have to work with others and pass
What is relay?
You cannot be in the pool without this person around. They sit in a chair, blow a whistle and say "NO RUNNING ON DECK"
Who is a Lifeguard?
This catch imitates a sea animal's hand motion allowing you to grab a frisbee with both hands.
What is the crab catch?
It is the largest sporting event watched around the world. From England to Korea, their obession over it is mad. To watch people use their feet to kick a ball around, but when their favorite team loses you never hear a sound.
What is The World Cup?
The way the athletes use this spear looking piece of equipment, one may think that they are the best hunters out there.
What is a javelin?
The longest events in athletics. They have it in Boston, New York, London and many other major cities around the world. The winners ususally come from Eastern Africa.
What is marathon?
Also known as "Golden Boy", this American swimmer has won the most medals in Olympic History.
Who is Michael Phelps?
Yumm... This is another catch named after a type of finger food. Usually enjoyed for lunch, maybe PB and J.
What is a sandwich catch?
Venus and Serena are icons in the game. Halep is big too, but you never hear her name. The game is really popular and tons fun to play, but cross your finger that your shoes don't get stuck on the clay.
What is Tennis?
You must have feet of spring to participate in this event.
What is High jump?
People say lightning can't hit the same place twice. But this man, a jamaican hold the fastest 100m dash time in history.
Who is Usain Bolt?
This American swimmer recently had is own reality TV show in E!. He is also recognized for beating one of this fellow American teammates.
What is Ryan Lochte?
Flag football is compared. When metioned people get scared. An interesting form of the game that only few have dared.
What is Ultimate Frisbee?
Birdie, Eagle, Bogey, Par... This sport has these names to indicate how many times it took to get the ball in the hole.
What is golf?
Step, hop, Jump... these are the steps required to pull this event off successfully.
What is triple jump?
One of the most grueling events on the track. It literally makes you wet. (That's because your jumping in a pit of water)
What is the steeplechase?
All the swimming strokes in the Individual Medley event are arrange in this order
What is Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle?
Sounds similar to a swimming event and is a lot of fun. The requirements are different though, you don't really have to run. Competitors perform a very sophisticated routine, and if you are not cheering by the end then you really must be mean.
What is Freestyle Frisbee?
This is a popular sport all around the world. People sit on horses and hit a ball around with giant sticks. Even ralph lauren named his brand after it.
What is Polo?