Main Idea
Surprise POV, Inference and Main Idea!

The words I, me, my, us, and we are used in what POV? 

1st person 


Bill and Jessica were almost done taking turns choosing the players for their teams. It was Jessica’s turn to choose, and only Kurt was left. Jessica said, “Kurt.” 93. 

Kurt is not a very good player.


What is the main idea of this passage?

There are many different kinds of bears in the world. Black bears live in North America. Grizzly bears also live in North America. They are very dangerous. The white Polar bear lives in the Arctic. The biggest bear is the Kodiak bear that is found in Alaska. 

There are many kinds of bears


Define Main Idea 

What a text or passage is mostly about. 


What type of figurative language is used? 

The couch exhaled loudly as the dog leaped up next to their owner. 



What are the two types of 3rd Person? 

Omniscient and Limited 


Maggie was getting ready to walk to school. She put on her coat and grabbed her backpack. As she opened the door to head out, her mother said, “I love you. Be careful.” 

Maggie lives close to school



What is the main idea of the paragraph. 

Bats are fascinating animals. They are not birds, but instead are flying mammals. Some bats eat fruit, others eat insects. Bats are experts at flying. They use a system called echolocation to fly quickly in the dark. They are able to use the sounds bouncing off the of the cave walls to fly without using their eyes.

Bats have a unique way of flying. 


What can you infer about this situation? 

Warren pushed the back door open with his elbow. He was dragging a heavy black plastic sack behind him. Thud, thud, thud. The bag thumped each stair Warren descended. Thud, thud, rip, drip, drip. The bag had gotten caught on a nail and a foul, odorous juice poured out, splashing Warren's leg. "Ew... gross!" Warren shouted as he adjusted the bag. He walked out to the alley and deposited the bag in a large plastic container, closing the lid behind him as he left, still muttering about his pants.

He is taking the garbage out and it spilled on his pants.  
*Daily Double!* 

At what point on a plot diagram does a story begin to slowly resolve itself, leading to the ending? 
Falling action 

What type of POV is used in this paragraph? 

"Ice cream! Ice cream!" I heard the street vendor shouting as he pushed his cart down the block. Ice cream sounded really tasty on a day like this. I plunged my hands into my pockets and examined the contents: one pair of house keys, a pack of gum that was almost empty, and a few coins. I pulled the coins from my pockets and counted them. It didn't take long. 46 cents. I saw a line of children from the neighborhood in front of the street vendor. Each walked away happier than the former. My mouth tasted like hot ashes.

1st person 


Avery watched as her new next-door neighbors moved in. She observed a tall man carrying a bicycle and a kayak into the garage. She also saw a young woman carrying a surfboard through the front door. 

Her new neighbors like to spend time outdoors


What would be a good title for this passage? 

Many types of bacteria are helpful. For example, some are able to take nitrogen from the air. They then put it into the soil. This makes the soil better for growing plants. Some bacteria are helpful in making cheese. Other bacteria are helpful in making vinegar.

Answers will vary 


Which POV is used here? 

“I got this. Watch me now!” Steve said as hopped on the board. Several other skaters were scattered around the staircase, licking their wounds and rolling their eyes.  They all knew the rail was too high and the gap was too wide.  They sat waiting patiently for him to fall just like them. Steve ollied effortlessly from the ground to the bench, catching his board on the edge of the bench, and then bounced off the bench on to the rail. The other skaters dropped their jaws. Steve looked like he was affected by gravity differently than the rest of them

Third person omniscient


What is the theme of this passage? 

Barry liked playing board games, but he hated losing. He hated losing so much that he would do whatever it took to win, even bending or breaking the rules. He'd steal money from the bank and hide it under the couch cushions. He'd skip spaces while he was moving around the board. He'd shortchange others money that they were owed and argue with them about it. Barry's techniques were effective. He did win most of the games that he played, but the people whom he played with were his friends and family, and it didn't take too long until they caught on to Barry's tricks. They tried to tell Barry to stop cheating. They said that the game wasn't any fun when he cheated, but he didn't listen. He continued with his treacherous style of gameplay, until nobody would play with him anymore. Barry may have won a lot of games, but at what cost?

Play by the rules/don't cheat 



What POV is used in this paragraph? 

The trapeze artist stood high on the platform. The whole crowd was silent. He was working without a net. The trapeze artist rubbed his hands on his knees, grabbed the flying trapeze, and sprung into the air. Just as the trapeze had swung its full length, the trapeze artist released his grip and did a triple flip. He narrowly caught a second trapeze bar and swung from it by his legs. 

3rd person limited 


Alexander arrived at his grandmother's house at ten o'clock at night. He saw her car in the driveway and the front door was unlocked. The window was lit with a flickering light. 

His grandmother was watching television


What would be a good title for this passage? 

Our solar system is very large. It includes the eight planets that turn around the sun. These planets include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. There are also hundreds of thousands of smaller planets in this system. They are called asteroids. Each asteroid is much smaller than any of the eight large planets. 

Answers will vary 


List the pronouns used for 1st person and third person. 

1st- I, me, my, us, we 

3rd- he, she, they, theirs, them


With the field torn up by the players’ cleats, and the cold rain falling in waves, conditions on the playing field were dismal.

What does dismal mean? 

depressing, dreary, not good 

Which POV is used in this paragraph? 

Patricia was dreaming of candy when the harsh sound of Mr. Herbert's voice woke her, "No sleeping in class, Patricia!" Her heart was beating fast. She turned around saw Mr. Herbert standing right behind her. This startled her. "Oh my gosh, Mr. Herbert. You didn't have to wake me up so rudely." Mr. Herbert scowled at her, annoyed that she fell asleep again.   He said, "Oh, I'm sorry. Is my lesson disturbing your beauty sleep? Get up now or leave!" Patricia felt too groggy to fight so she just said, "Ok, I'm sorry, Mr. Herbert. I'm awake." Mr. Herbert glared at her and continued teaching his lesson.

3rd Person Omniscient 


As the train pulled into the station, we finally met eyes. We had been avoiding this moment, but it was here now. Tears welled. Words choked. We hugged each other awkwardly before I grabbed my bags and jumped on the train.  

What is happening between these two? Provide TEXT EVIDENCE! 

One of the characters is moving away. 


What is the main idea of this paragraph? 

Honeybees form large hives. There are thousands of bees in a hive. One bee is the queen. She lays the eggs. Some bees gather nectar and pollen from flowers to make honey. Other bees protect the hive. Some bees keep the hive clean. Still other bees help the queen. Each bee has a special job to do in the bee hive. 

Each bee has a job to do in a beehive



Which POV is used AND what can you infer? 

Mr. Johnson looked up at the sky. It was clear as far as the eye could see, except for the cruel sun. The insatiable sun drained the land of all moisture. He cursed the sun. Mr. Johnson ran his fingers through one of the rows of dirt and grabbed a handful. It was bone dry, almost powdery. He let the dirt sift through his fingers and it turned to dust in the wind. Mr. Johnson put his hands on his hips and surveyed the field. It was well seeded, that he knew. He had seeded it himself, yet nothing sprang from the dirt. "Well, there's only one thing left to do," he said to himself.

Mr. Johnson is a farmer and is going to water his crops. 

It is in third person limited

Fact or opinion? Provide an answer for all 5! 

1. Basketball is a much more exciting sport than golf. 

2. Cristiano Ronaldo was the highest earning athlete in 2017. 

3. In general, professional athletes are overpaid. 

4. There are more head and spinal injuries each year from cheerleading than all other sports combined. 

1. Opinion 

2. Fact

3. Opinion 

4. Fact 

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