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The moral or lesson in the story

What is theme?


Identify the type of figurative language used here: She was as bright as the sun.

What is a simile?


First person or third person point of view:

I hopped on my bike and rode to the store to buy my mom a quart of milk.

What is first person?


What three parts should be included in a summary?




What is 64


When 2 characters in a play have a conversation, this is called___________.

What is dialogue?


Name one way you can take a break after reading each passage.

Wash your face, do jumping jacks, go get a drink of water, etc.


Which point of view?

When they had finished eating, they all went to the backyard to watch the fireworks. Jessie smiled, and her brother smiled back at her.

What is third person?


The author's purpose for writing an advertisement for a water park is __________.

What is to persuade?



What is 0?


What is the author's purpose:

A handbook teaching people how to build a birdhouse

What is inform?


Identify the type figurative language used here:

The tree reached for the sky, trying to touch the stars.

What is personification?


Plot is made up of a problem and a ___________.

What is solution?


When you use prior knowledge and evidence from the text, this is called making an_____________.

What is an inference?


How many states are in the United States?

What is 50?


Identify the type of figurative language used here:

The children were roses grown in concrete gardens, beautiful and forlorn.

What is a metaphor?


Fact or opinion?

Vegetarians are healthier than people who eat meat.



Identify the figurative language, tell what two things are being compared and explain what it means:

The detective listened to her story with a wooden face.

What is metaphor, the detective's face to wood, the detectives had no expression as they listened to her.


What is the author's purpose?

We thought the game was over. The buzzer rang and we thought that we had lost, but then the referee blew the whistle. A foul was called and now Derrick had a chance to win the game for us. He stepped up to the free-throw line. The stadium, though filled with people, was completely silent. Everyone was still. Derrick dribbled the ball a couple times. He squared up on the line. Sweat beaded on his forehead. All eyes were on Derrick.

What is to entertain?


What holiday is Sunday, May 8th?

What is Mother's Day?

In drama, these help the reader "see" the scene. They are usually in parenthesis.

What are stage directions?


Author's purpose is made up of PIEED?  What does the "I" mean?

What is informative.


Identify the point of view of the following paragraph:

Red looked across the prairie. He didn't see anything concerning. He wondered why Texas Joe had hollered like that. Texas Joe turned to him. The ghost that Texas Joe had just seen was gone. Texas Joe swatted at the air. Now he felt crazy. "You have to believe me, Red. It was just here,"said Texas Joe.Red scowled at him in disbelief. "What was just here, Joe?" he asked. Red was angry with Texas Joe for disturbing his sleep for no apparent reason.

What is 3rd person?


Setting: Where and when is the story taking place?

The swings and slides were abandoned.  So abandoned that she could hear her head pound, like little hands clamoring to escape prison.  On a nearby bench, she saw an afternoon paper—the crossword halfway complete—and she sat next to it, grateful for its lifeless company.  The wind blew and sent the leaves swirling and brushing up against her boney, exposed ankles. She tightened the scarf around her neck and pulled it up so that her mouth was covered, looked at her watch, and waited.  Waited. Waited.  When she finally saw him through the harsh darkness, she was too tired to get up.

What is a park in the winter at night?


A 90 degree angle is what type of angle?

What is a right angle?

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