Summer Launch
May Communications

What will it cost to add Raspberry Flavored Pearls from Summer-Berry Starbucks Refreshers ® to other iced beverages?  What is the max amount of scoops per beverage?

What is $1 per scoop; max of 12


What enhancements are being made in the DPM?

What is Search function: Find orders by customer name and/or use when needing to locate an order to Print Next  Pickup Intent (Coming in June)The DPM will show Drive Thru on MOP orders when customers choose it as their intended pickup channel. This aligns the label and DPM displays.


Looking to increase your average hours? What are three things a partner can do starting May 2?

Looking to increase your average hours? Here are a few tips: 

  • Install the Starbucks Partner Hours Mobile App (SBUXPartnerHrs) and check out the Starbucks Partner Hours User Guide located on the Store Technology page on Partner Hub for details  

  • Ensure notifications are turned on for this app to make sure you receive real-time updates 

  • Submit a request to borrow into neighboring stores for more options to pick up available shifts. Go to the web (non-app) version of Starbucks Partner Hours to manage your borrowing associations. 


What is the shelf life for Summer Berry Refresher Base?

What is 72 hours


Where can partners find all of the latest retail hourly information?

What is

-Promotional News

-Partner hub/ store resources App


For the first two weeks of Summer 1, what is our sampling goal and which items are we sampling?

What is 50 samples each of Summer-Berry Refreshers and Iced Coffee. 


What is the new delivery platform Starbucks is partnering with in select locations?

What is Grubhub


What are the dates for the upcoming PDC's?

What is June 6- June 30.


What two syrups are being discontinued this summer?

What is Liquid cane & Cinnamon Caramel.


Beginning _____ Store managers will be able to see partners paid time off balances where? 

What is 4/29 in partner central. 


What new item will arrive in summer one signage kit to better include customers who are blind or who have low vision. 

Aira Window Cling.


Moving forward, what is being added to the supervisor store walks in my daily?

What is Item Availability 


List 3 benefits of Digital Partner Files

What is:

-New templates for Corrective Action Forms, Job Abandonment Letters and Notice of Separation Forms will be completed digitally. These templates will auto populate partner data and drop-down menus for policy violations allowing for more consistent completion of the required fields on forms.  

-Documents required that are not templates can be uploaded with a digital capture feature. The system will categorize them to the appropriate folder for you. 

-If you need support with Corrective Action or Notice of Separation Forms, the system has collaborative edits features to enable you to partner with your leader or a consultant and make live edits. 

-Now documents can be digitally signed. No more printing multiple copies or hand signing needed.  

-Now you can transfer a partner file digitally. Files will be available 24 hours after transferring to the new store. 



What promotional beverage is being highlighted in the May promotional calendar? 

What is the Caramel Vanilla Swirl Iced coffee


Markdowns and markouts for the previous promotion will be communicated as an event in______  moving forward. The SKU list for merchandise will be uploaded to the Promotions page under Tools on Partner Hub _______ prior to every launch date. Both lists will also live in the Siren’s Eye folder in the Store Resources app on store iPads.  

What is My daily/ one week


How are we updating item availability?

-What is save & close function. 

-Partners shut off the item after the last item is sold. 


What is the HSVP program?

  • The HVSP program was designed as an incentive to recognize and reward store managers leading our highest volume stores (top 10%).  

  • Eligibility and thresholds are based on Average Weekly Sales (AWS) for the most recent 12 months (as opposed to just recent sales trends) to show the sustained sales volume trends. This excludes temporary store closures, and thresholds are differentiated by Cafe and Drive Thru store type.  

  • The thresholds by store type are now available in the Q3-Q4 FY24 HVSP Plan Document found in the High-Volume Store Premium (SM and above) - US folder on Partner Hub. You can also reference the FY24 Q3-Q4 HVSP Frequently Asked Questions - US-CO document for additional information.  


Partners will need how many hours by July 6'th, 2024 to maintain their benefits eligibility?

What is 520 hours between January 6, 2024 and July 5, 2024 


List the steps to make the white chocolate macadamia cream cold brew. 

What is:

1. Blend White Chocolate MacadAmia Cold Foam.

1 full dose pump of Macadamia syrup. 1 pump of White Chocolate Mocha sauce

Vanilla Sweet Cream to 100 ML line /Blend

2. Pump MacadAmia Syrup 1/2/3/4

3. Pour cold brew to upper line.

4. Add ice

5. Top with cold foam and toasted cookie crumbles.


When will the new and improved career site be launched? 

What is 5/20


April was global month of good? What is May Heritage month?

What is Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander (AANHP)  Heritage Month.


Military Appreciation!


What is the rule of 200? What is the equation and where can you find the resource?

What is a framework to make informed decisions to close gaps when labor forecasts are either trending too high or too low.  

What is 97%+103%=  200%

Steps to excellence/ scheduling.



What is our goal to reduce in store waste and by what date?

Reduce waste by 50% by 2030 by partners using a personal cup.


List three of the sales driving recommendations for Summer

what is:

-Thinking about any breakfast today?

-Do you want to add avocado to your sandwich today?

-Would you like the next size up for less than a dollar more?

-How about an extra shot to perk up your morning?

 -Want to try that with [INSERT SYRUP/POWDER/COLD FOAM SUGGESTION]? • Would you like to take home a pound of [INSERT COFFEE SUGGESTION]?


What is the name of the resource available to support partner development?

What is Recruitment marketing tools and resources page.