If you treat the other students like they are your family, you are following this policy

Respect others


Which procedure is:

Walk in quietly

Quickly get seated and login

Wait for directions

Remember now is not the time to approach Mrs. Smith with questions and comments

Procedure for entering the room


What rule is being broken in this picture?

Do not hurt or tease others


If you were talking or goofing off while Mrs. Smith was giving instructions, Mrs. Smith will say...

Too bad you weren't listening to directions.  You are on your own!

Remember, we have 30 minutes in class.  If you don't listen, not knowing what to do is a natural consequence.


What is the consequence for these actions:

Damaging the computer or equipment

Going on a website without permission

Logging into another student's account

Your computer privileges are removed.  You will not be able to log in with your username or password at school or home


Your class has just arrived in STEM Lab from P.E.  You sit down, login into your computer and realize you have to go to the restroom.  You think, "I can wait.  It's not so bad right now."  After a while, you realize you can't wait.  You know you are not supposed to ask to go to the restroom during specials.  What do you do?

Raise your hand and tell Mrs. Smith you have an emergency


Don't ask during instruction

Take one friend

Go, do your business, wash your hands, and come back quickly

No chatting or running in the halls

If you ask more than one week a month, I am going to have a hard time believing it is an emergency. Choose when to ask, wisely!


The policy you are following when you admit that you have made a mistake or done something wrong.

Taking Responsibility


Which procedure is:

Stay on topic

Everyone gets a say

Everyone must participate

Procedure for working with a group


What rule is being broken in this picture?

Do not damage the equipment


If I use a Kleenex in Mrs. Smith's room, I am expected to....

Throw it in the trashcan when I am finished!

Remember, Mrs. Smith's inner Darth Vader will come for me if I leave it on the floor or table!  YIKES!


If Mrs. Smith has to correct my behavior three times in class, what will happen?

She will send a note home or call my parents and let them know if any other problems occur, she will have to go to Mrs. Tyner.


You have been feeling a little tired when you arrive at STEM Lab.  While you are in class, you start to feel really weak. Your muscles kind of hurt and all of a sudden you feel cold.  Should you ask for a nurse pass?

Yes, you more than likely have a fever and this is one reason you may see the nurse.


Name the other symptoms that you must have to ask for a nurse pass.


The policy that encourages you to ask questions and share your comments and opinions, even if you are afraid you will be wrong or that others won't agree with you.

Taking Academic Risks


Which procedure is:

Listen to what is said

If you think of a question, jot it down

When the speaker stops or the teacher asks for any other opinions, you raise your hand

Never interrupt anyone who has the floor

Procedure for sharing in class discussion


What rule is being broken in this picture?

No Food or Drinks in the STEM Lab


Which statement is never allowed in STEM Lab because it breaks the STEM Lab policy of "Believe in Yourself."   

"I Can't Do It"

Remember, to believe in yourself.  People would respect a person who shows GRIT.


Why do we have rules, policies, and procedures?

To keep us safe

To make class fair

To prevent chaos 

To prevent damaging the equipment 


We are in class discussion and you have something you would really love to add to the discussion.  When the student is finish speaking, you raise your hand, but Mrs. Smith says, "I wish we could discuss this more, but we must move on."  What can you do, if you really want Mrs. Smith to hear your comment or question?

Put a note in Mrs. Smith's Mailbox


If you say, "I can't do it!"  You are not following this policy.

Believing in Yourself


What procedure is:

Ask the people in your group for help

If no one can help you, raise your hand for Mrs. Smith

Procedure for getting help during individual work times


What rule is being broken in this picture?

Do not take anything from the STEM Lab


If I make a mistake or a poor decision, Mrs. Smith expects me to ....

Own up to it and take responsibility.  

Remember, everyone makes mistakes.  These mistakes help us build character when we are willing to take responsibility for them!


True or False:

I get a grade in STEM Lab and that grade can effect my ability to get into programs like Coding Club and pre-engineering classes in Middle School.



While we are coding, the student next to you asks you for help.  You are right in the middle of figuring out how to arrange your code to make it work.  Mrs. Smith is with another student.  What do you do?

Tell them, you will try to help them right after you finish what you're doing.


If I let the "smart person" in the group do all the work while I talked with my neighbors, I have violated this policy. 

Be a Team Player


Which procedure is:

Sign out of the computer as soon as your told to do so

Put headphones on top of the computer and push the computer to the top of the table

Quietly push in your chair and line up

If you are wearing Star Wars meet me at Darth Vader

Procedure for leaving the room


What rule is being broken in this picture?

Stay in your seat unless you have permission to get up


I should never raise my hand when....

The teacher is giving instructions or someone is sharing

Remember, jot it down if you are afraid you might forget, but raising your hand while others are speaking is distracting and disrespectful 


The consequence of following directions, having grit and completing assignments, respecting my teacher, peers, and equipment, and believing in myself is ....

I will be ahead of students in other school systems in the skills I need to eventually compete for jobs in our fast paced - technology driven world


You are working on a STEM Lab assignment and all of a sudden you feel a wave of nausea come over you.   What do you do?

Tell a neighbor, or tell Mrs. Smith you feel sick and get to the bathroom fast.  Mrs. Smith will send a friend after you with a nurse pass.  When you feel like you can make it, go to the nurse.

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