Stuck vs. Flexible
Positive Self Talk
Feelings in our body and relaxation

What are examples of unhelpful communication and why?

Yelling, screaming, hitting, hiding, ignoring, etc


True or False: Being stuck and flexible is in our control



Do you have the most control over the situation, your thoughts or your feelings?



Name 1 situation that causes you to feel anxious, worried or shy


Would you rather speak every language in the world or talk to animals?



What are three different communication styles? HINT: they are three different animals

Aggressive tiger, passive turtle, and assertive owl


What visual do we use to talk about stuck vs. flexible?

A fork in the road,  play doh and a rock or bead


What is self talk?

It's the way we talk to ourselves in our head


Do people feel comfortable around us when we have big reactions to small problems?



What is your favorite kind of chip or snack?


Give advice and tell a friend , 2 things they can do if they are being bullied at school

Talk to a trusted adult

Keep copies of texts/cyber bullying

Asssert yourself but Dont bully back

Stick with a group and with friends

think about your own strengths


Give an example of being STUCK when your parent asks you to turn off electronics

Examples: keep playing electronics, throw your electronics, yell, slam the door


It is your first day of school.  You only know 1 other student in your homeroom class. Name a Mind reading or What if thought that is not helpful and change it to a helpful thought


Name a relaxation strategy that helps you to calm down your body when you are having a strong reaction (racing thoughts, heart beating fast, etc.)


If you had a time machine, where would you go?



Your invited to go to a birthday party at a trampoline park. You are unsure if you want to go. You feel nervous and are thinking that : 1. There wont be enough people you  know there. 2. It will be embarrassing to jump and play in front of people

3. There will be lots of people, 4. What will you talk about.

What could be something good that may come out of going to the party?  Name 3 thoughts about the party that would help you to feel less stressed and to join the party    

1. It will be fun

2. Maybe I'll meet someone new or there will be people i know

3. make new friends

4. get out of the house and not be bored

5. everyone will be having fun and not paying attention to just what i'm doing


Give an example of being FLEXIBLE when you really don't want to do your homework

Examples: Take a short break and keep trying, use take deep breaths, ask for help, thinking about  your goals in school and/or what you'll do next


YOu are at the park or outside for recess. You want to play soccer, but the kids say that there are already too many kids on each team . What is a helpful thought and how would you feel?  


What is the strategy that uses our 5 senses and demonstrate it


Name 1 thing you liked about the summer program so far and 2 things you are looking forward to at the rye playland trip.



You get back a writing assignment and you received a 70%. You worked hard on the writing assignment and thought you would receive a higher grade. Give an example of assertively communicating with your teacher. 

Example: asking for help,  calm voice, calm body, using a skill


You and some friends or classmates are playing soccer. YOu have a clear shot to the goal and your classmate kicked the ball to another friend and not to you. You are offended and think that "they did it on purpose, theyre bullying, they think theyre better than me!" 

How would you respond if those were your thoughts?

Name 2 other possible explanations that would result in you feeling less annoyed and would allow you to continue to have fun. 

- Walk off, yell at the other players, stop playing with your friends 

-They didnt see you , 

was easier to pass to the other person

got nervous

wanted to give someone else a chance

someone else was also open 


Your friend cancelled plans with you and you are disappointed. Your first thought is "They dont care about me and probably want to drop me as a friend"

What type of thinking trap is that?

Name 2 other possible reasons and your friend's perspective 

Mind reading, jumping to conclusion, assume the worst

1. Have a lot of homework

2. sick 

3. parent said they need to do something at home


Name 2 ways that your body reacts when feeling sad, mad or anxious. Why is is important to calm your body down first


Share three words that describe yourself


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