Expressions and Inequalities

A small number to the right and above the base number (written as a superscript); denotes the number of times the base number should be multiplied.

What is an exponent?


State a value of m that makes the inequality below true. 

3m - 4 < 11

What is any number less than 5?


Jake takes guitar lessons that cost $120.00 per month. Write an equation that can be used to determine the total number of dollars, d, that Jake pays for lessons for any number of months, m?

What is d = 120 • m?


A value without an end. Not finite.

What is infinite?


A letter representing an unknown number.

What is a variable?


Calculate what the value of the expression below is when x = 7.

3x2 - 2x + 3

What is 136?


The outside temperature in a town is -20 degrees Fahrenheit. State a change in temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, that would bring the outside temperature to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.    

What is 20?


The equation y = 4.3x can be used to determine the total cost, y, in dollars, of x pounds of apples. What does the number 4.3 represent in the equation?

A. The number of apples in 1 pound

B. The number of apples in r pounds

C. The cost of 1 pound of apples

D. The cost of y pounds of apples

What is option C. The cost of 1 pound of apples?


A number used to multiply a variable.

What is coefficient?


John has coins. Nick has 4 fewer than 3 times as many coins as Josh. Write an expression that can be used to show how many coins Nick has.

What is 3c - 4?


The members of a school club are selling tickets for a fundraiser. The goal for the

fundraiser is to earn $50.00 each day from ticket sales. The list below shows the

percent of the goal reached each day.

• On the first day, the members earned 90% of their daily goal.

• On the second day, the members earned 6% more than their daily goal.

• On the third day, the members earned 14% less than their daily goal.

Calculate how much money they earned in total. If needed, calculator permitted.

What is $141?


Employees at a construction company are building a fence around the perimeter of a work site. The perimeter of the work site is ¼ mile. The cost of the fence is $20.00 per yard.

Compute the total cost of the fence needed for the perimeter of the work site.

Hint: 1 mile = 1760 yards

What is $8,800?


The relationship between two mathematical expressions that are not equal, utilizing the following symbols:  ≠ , <, >, ≤, and ≥.

≠: not equal

>: greater than

<: less than

≥: greater than or equal to

≤: less than or equal to

What is an inequality?


Select the expression that is equivalent to the expression shown below

2+3(2x +5)

A. 7 + 6x

B. 17 + 2x

C. 17 + 6x

D. 25 + 10x

What is option B. 17 + 2x?


Marcy is buying prizes to give away at a fundraiser, as described below.

• She has $250.00 to spend.

She buys 13 movie passes for $9.50 each.

• She buys 3 gift cards valued at $25.00 each.

• She will use the rest of the money to buy candy bars that cost $1.75 each.

State the greatest number of candy bars she can buy with the rest of the money.

What is 29 candy bars?


Cory drinks water from a bottle during a bike ride. The average amount of water, in ounces, in his water bottle can be represented by the equation y = -8x + 32, where y is the amount of water remaining after x hours. Based on the equation, calculate the amount of water, in ounces, that will remain in the bottle after Cory rides for 2½ hours.

What is 12?


An opposite operation that reverses the effect of another operation.

What is inverse operation?


Katelyn wants to buy a $75.00 skateboard. She has $25.00 saved so far. She mows lawns to make extra money and earns $20.00 for each lawn she mows. Write an inequality that can be used to determine the number of lawns, x, she needs to mow to have enough money to buy the skateboard.

What is 25 + 20x ≥ 75?


Ms. Boi spent a total of $175.00 for 4 admission tickets and for parking at a baseball game. The cost of each admission ticket was the same amount, including tax. The cost of parking was $25.00. Write an equation that can be used to determine t, the cost, in dollars, of each admission ticket, including tax. Calculate the cost, in dollars, of each admission ticket, including tax. If needed, calculator permitted.

What is $37.50?


An act of regulating oneself without intervention from external bodies or sources.

What is self-regulation?

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