Water Safety
Outdoor Safety
Home Safety
Vehicle/Bike Safety
Odds and Ends

True or False: When swimming, it is ok to go alone as long as you leave your parent a note.

False! Never, ever go swimming alone!!!

In the summer, we often are outdoors more often in hot weather. What can you do to stay safe? Apply plenty of ________________. When you are tired, take a __________________. Drink lots of ____________.
Use Sunscreen, hats, shade Take breaks Drink lots of water
True or False: It is ok to tell people when you are going to be home alone.
False! Only discuss being home alone with your parents or other adults you trust.
True or False- you only have to wear a helmet when you ride a bike.
False! You need a helmet when you ride a bike, scooter, skateboard, or other riding toy.
BOOM! You played with fireworks without parent supervision. Lose 100 points

DOUBLE POINTS!!! True or False: It is ok to run near a pool. Explain your answer:

False- you should always walk near a pool because the pavement or deck could be slippery from the water. Running on a slippery service might cause you to fall and injure yourself or someone else.

True or False: When walking around the woods or on trails, you should AVOID touching or disrupting plants and animals.
True! Don't touch plants unless you know what they are and have adult permission Don't touch or approach animals/insects without adult permission If you accidentally do touch or get stung/bit, tell an adult right away!
If you are home without an adult and someone rings your doorbell or knocks on your door, what should you do? Hint: There may be more than one correct answer. a. Answer the door! You don't want to be rude! b. Do not answer the door or look out the window. c. Call your parent if you feel scared or worried. d. Call 9-1-1
2 correct answers! b. and c. Do not answer the door or look out the window. You may go to an interior room and call your parent if you are scared or worried.
True or False- It is ok to ride your bike or scooter in the street, as long as you are wearing a helmet. Bonus- If you get this answer right, go again!
False! Never ride in the streets unless you are with an adult, and daytime only!
What can you do to stay safe in large crowds? A. Have a buddy- even in your own family B. Have a meeting place C. Have a phone if possible D. Dress like a police officer E. A, B, and C.
A, B, and C- Have a buddy, even in your own family, Have a meeting place, Have a phone if possible, Know who to go to for help.

What can keep you safe in water? a. a life jacket or UL listed flotation device b. a life guard c. a friend with a ham sandwich d. a and b

A life jacket, floatation device, or life guard. A person NOT trained as a life guard cannot be depended on to keep you safe.

True or False: If you get lost in the woods or other outdoor area, you should walk around and scream at the top of your lungs.
False: If you get lost, it is ok to yell for help, but remember to STAY IN ONE PLACE! That way, the adults who are looking for you will have a better chance of finding you.
Which of the following is OK to do if you are home without a parent: a. cook b. invite friends over c. build a volcano d. watch tv or play a game
d. or other quiet, safe activity
DOUBLE POINTS! In the summer time, families travel more. What are 3 travel safety rules for pedestrians and drivers of cars, trucks and other motor vehicles?
wear seat belts, no texting and driving, do not distract the driver, look out for pedestrians, take breaks when needed, others?
ZOIKS! You went to a friend's house and he showed you his dad's gun. Earn no points for this turn. When is it ok to look at or touch/hold firearms?
Only when your parent has give you permission AND is present. NEVER show other kids guns in your house, or look at guns in someone else house.
Crunch! You dove in the water without having an adult check it first. No points this round!
Sorry kid!
Bonus! Answer this question and go again! If you hear thunder or see lightning, what should you do? a. Stay in the water b. Run out into an open field c. Go inside if you can, or get under a shelter.
C. If you are in water, get out right away. Go inside or under a shelter.
If you have a friend over or are at a friends house and they are doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, what can you do? a. Tell your friend how you feel; b. Ask them to Stop; c. Get an adult or call an adult; d. Go home or ask your friend to go home; e. All of the Above
e. All of the above
SPLAT! You ran across the street without looking both ways. Lose your points. Sorry!
Look both ways before crossing the street, Only cross at crosswalks, walk with an adult
Oh no! You found a weapon at the ball field. What should you do?
Leave the area immediately, tell a grown up immediately, do not return until the weapon has been removed.
What can you do if you don't know how to swim to have safe fun in the water?
*Use a life jacket or approved flotation device while in the water (not a water toy). *Stay in shallow water where you can touch * Ask your parent to enroll you in swimming lessons- YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD!!!
If you are at a park and you see someone get hurt, what should you do?
Get an adult Remain calm Help if you can
True or False- ALL families need an emergency plan in case of a fire. What is your family's emergency plan?
True! Get out- draw a map ahead of time Call 9-1-1 Make sure everyone is accounted for
How can you let someone know if they are being unsafe operating a vehicle? a. Call 9-1-1 and report your driver b. Have a discussion BEFORE you get in the vehicle about motor safety (texting/using phones while driving, alcohol, distracted driving, etc.) c. Jump out of the car.
The best answer is b. However, NEVER get in a vehicle with an impaired driver. Call an adult you trust for help.
BOOM! What can be dangerous about July 4th? Give the danger and the safety rules!
Fireworks- only use with parent permission AND supervision Heat/Sun- drink plenty of water and use sunscreen People- lots of people, some will be unsafe. Make good choices!