Game Day Tailgate
Random SB Trivia
This is the date of the Super Bowl.
What is February 1st, 2015?
When is the Vivid Seats Game Day Tailgate?
Sunday February 1st from 12-4 pm.
What are the two levels of packages we offer for the Super Bowl?
Standard at the Scottsdale Links Resort, and Luxury at either the Four Seasons Troon North or The Phoenician
Describe the bed layout of the Scottsdale Standard package?
Each room has 2 queen beds and one double pull-out couch, regardless of occupancy chosen.
When is pick up information sent to the customer?
Customers will receive the exact location of our OSS, complete with hours of operation, about a week prior to pickup. They will receive another email on the exact moment the tickets are available to be picked up.
Where is the Super Bowl being played?
University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ (Home of the Arizona Cardinals)
Where is the Game Day Tailgate located?
The Shout House, which is inside the Westgate complex directly next to the stadium. You can walk to the stadium from the tailgate.
What are your options for length of stay at the Scottsdale Standard Package?
3 or 4 night stay (checking in Thursday or Friday and checking out on Monday)
What is the bed layout and occupancy options for either luxury hotel package?
Single or Double occupancy with one king bed.
How does a TFS customer get their tickets?
Let the TFS customer know that we have partnered with Vivid Seats to handle the delivery of these tickets. Vivid sends a team down every year to ensure the correct delivery.
If the customer's favorite team does not make it to the Super Bowl, do they get their money back?
No. You are purchasing for the Big Game, not for the teams playing.
What amenities are offered to customers of the Game Day Tailgate?
Premium open bar and buffet, big TVs for pregame coverage, celebrity guest speaker (last year was Mark Herzlich of the NY Giants), dueling pianos and DJ entertainment.
What is included in every hotel travel package?
Tickets, Game Day Tailgate, Transportation to and from hotel to tailgate, NFL Experience Passes, Grid Iron Glory Passes, and Souveniers
There are 6 total guests, but would like two people per room. What occupancy would you choose?
Double Occupancy
Can a customer change the name of the person picking up the tickets?
Yes, however verification may require that they fill out a Change of Name Authorization Form.
What is required for every Super Bowl order, regardless of amount or type?
Authorization Forms! Why do these need to be filled out quickly?
How is the tailgate ticketed?
There are no tickets printed for this event, all names are put on a list. We will need the name of every single person attending the event to put them on the list.
When does transportation leave from the Hotel to the Tailgate?
There has not been a set time announced just yet for transportation. However, everyone will be leaving at the same time, and we will leave with plenty of time for everyone to fully enjoy the tailgate, have time to see the stadium, etc without missing anything. When the travel time is announced, it will be communicated via email to the customers.
A customer would like the most cost effective way for five people in a Luxury package. What types of rooms would you use?
Two double occupancy and one single occupancy room. Each customer will still receive the amenities included with every luxury package. Tickets will be split 2 and 3 together if 5 together is not possible.
Are we able to subtract line items from packages if the customer is not interested in some parts?
No, the packages are sold "as is" and cannot have areas subtracted.
How are tickets delivered?
On Site Services the weekend of the event in downtown Phoenix and at our Tailgate in Scottsdale.
What is the difference between the types of tailgate options?
General Admission is first come, first served seating, standing room only. VIP Reserved has seating reserved in pairs in first few rows from entertainment, in prime viewing of the TVs. Both include all amenities.
A couple is interested in a package, but they have a 1 year old child. What would the child need to be charged for?
Regardless of age, all attendees will need to pay for both a ticket to the game and transportation from the hotel to the tailgate. We will not charge them for Experience/Grid Iron Glory passes, souveniers, or tailgate entry (since they are a baby). If needed, clients will need to provide their own car seat for transportation. We can put in a request for a crib, but cannot guarantee it.
A customer is interested in a friends trip to the Super Bowl. There will be 15 total people. What would be the most cost effective way to set them up with hotel packages?
2 six-person occupancy and 1 triple occupancy Standard hotel packages. Tickets would be guaranteed in groups of up to 4 together, with nobody being left to sit alone.
Why do we do OSS Delivery?
Tickets are not released from the NFL until about 1-2 weeks prior to the game. Due to the high value nature of the game, and the fact that tickets cannot be reissued, we choose to handle delivery in person to minimize any chance of complication in sending tickets. (Tickets *may* be available to ship when they become available, but to manage expectations all customers should expect to have to pick the tickets up.)
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