Supportive People
Supportive Words
Supportive Actions
Supportive Objects
Supportive Places

A community helper who responds when someone is injured or in need of medical assistance.

What is a paramedic/doctor?


The action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope

What is encouragement?


Bridget had a hard day at school. She got a bad grade on her math test, misbehaved in science class, dropped her lunch and argued with a friend. Her family can show her support by _______________________.

Listening to her, talking with her, helping her study, helping her solve the problem with her friend, etc. 


This is something that a person might need if they scraped their knees at recess.

What is a bandaid?


This is a place you can go to talk to God, reflect on your day, sing spiritual songs, and talk with other people who share your faith.

What is a church/temple/mosque/religious site?


A person, usually the same age as you, with whom you feel close, share a lot of time with, have pleasant interactions with, and feel comfortable sharing personal feelings with. 

What is a friend?


To improve the mood of or restore a sense of ease to another person.

What is comfort?


Jacob fell during his soccer game. The ref didn't stop the game, but Jacob is having a hard time standing back up. His teammates can support him by _________________.

Helping him up, waving for the coach, telling the ref etc.


Someone might use this to wipe their tears and nose when they are crying.

What is a tissue/kleenex?


This is a place where you can go if you are physically injured.

What is the nurse's/doctor's office?


Someone who teaches you, guides your learning, helps you make friends and cares for you while you are at school.

What is a teacher?


To feel concern or interest.

What is care?

Grace's dog has been really sick for the past few weeks. Her mom has told her that he probably will not live much longer. She has been really sad at school all day and is having trouble focuses. Her teachers can support her by _______________.

Giving her a break, letting her share stories about her dog with the class, asking her to bring a picture of her dog to show to the class, etc.


A person might write their thoughts down in this at night or anytime they want to express personal feelings. 

What is a journal/diary?


This is a place that you can go when you need to talk about your feelings or to get help solving a social problem.

What is the counselor's office?


A family member who cares for you at home, keeps you safe, keeps you fed, makes rules, loves you, and teaches you values. 

What is a parent or guardian


To stop feeling angry toward someone for something they did or did not do. 

What is forgive?

Jim was riding his bike down a steep hill and fell. He hurt his wrist badly and doesn't think he can ride home. A person who lives on the street saw it happen. She can support him by _____________.

Calling his parents, calling 911, getting him ice, etc.


This is a living thing that can show support and comfort, even though it cannot talk. It may use it's body and voice to support people. 

What is a pet?


This is a place where you live, spend a lot of time, feel comfortable, have people around who love you, can spend time with your favorite things, and can do things to help yourself feel good. 

What is your home?


A religious person who oversees a congregation, performs religious ceremonies, counsels individuals, and has a strong relationship with God. 

What is a priest/nun/clergy member?


To be willing to do a service or kindness.

What is helpful?


Linda won her class spelling bee. She worked really hard to win and is feeling very proud of herself. The other students can support her by ________________.

Cheering her on, giving her a high five, telling her that they are happy for her, etc. 


This is something that someone could hold or squeeze if they were feeling nervous and stressed.

What is a stress ball?


This is a place filled with adults and kids who are here to teach you and take care of you.

What is school?

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