Induction Agents
Pain Control
Wild Card
It takes 10-15 minutes after this for medications to become effective (absorbed).
What is administration of an IM injection?
This Disociative Anesthetic Agent is commonly paired with another medication and administered to dogs. It also can mixed in a "cocktail" and given to cats or rabbits.
What is Ketamine?
Baseline physiologic data monitored on every patient at 5 minute intervals throughout anesthesia and recovery.
What is temperature, pulse and respiration?
Local Nerve Block Agent, which when used can last as long as 8 hours.
What is Bupivicaine?
Placed in every patient under going anesthesia, as a precaution should emergency medications need to be administered.
What is an IV Catheter?
Hypotension, is a common side effect of this medication. It is avoided in our surgery protocols by diluting the medication and giving low doses.
What is Acepromazine?
This Benzodiazapine is paired with Ketamine and administered to dogs as an induction agent.
What is Midazolam?
Device used to monitor patient's breathing while under anesthesia, which connects between the anesthesia machine and patient's endotracheal tube.
What is the Breath Right monitor?
Included in the cost of every Spay / Neuter surgery and meds to go home for 3 days after surgery.
What is pain medication given to SNIP and Classic Spays & Neuters?
Used to maintain blood pressure and aid in tissue perfusion, which are administered to every patient undergoing surgery (except spays, neuters and declaws).
Why IV Fluids are administered during surgery?
The analgesic effects of this medication last for between 4 to 6 hours, following a single injection.
What is Hydromorphone?
Performed secondary to induction as a safety precaution to maintain patient's airway and means to facilitate Isoflourane gas anesthesia on every patient.
What is Endotracheal Intubation?
Measures and reports electrical impulses of the heart.
What is an Electrocardiogram (ECG)?
Injectable opioid used in cats, which can provide analgesia for 24 hours.
What is Simbadol?
Side effect of Oxygen administration.
What is a common source of patient body heat loss during general anesthesia?
The slang term, "Kitty Magic", commonly refers this combination ("cocktail") of medications given to cats.
What are Ketamine, Dexdomitor and Butorphanol?
Not a controlled substance, fast acting and short recovery period.
What are 3 advantages of using Propofol as an induction agent?
Determines %SpO2 and pulse rate by passing two wavelengths of low intensity light, one red and one infrared, through body tissue to a photodetector.
What is Pulse Oximetry?
Packaged together, these medications are invoiced to the client to provide the medications at cost to the patient.
What are post- operative pain bundles?
Most effective way to maintain patient body temperature or restore heat to a hypothermic patient.
What is wrapping a patient in the Hot Dog Heating Blanket?
The principle of using low doses of multiple medications, to achieve the desired anesthetic / analgesic effect and reduce adverse effects of any one medication if used alone.
What is Multi-Modal Drug Administration?
The phase of anesthesia which all induction agents are designed to help patients through quickly.
What is the "excitatory phase"?
The color and thickness of the body tissue, the sensor placement, the intensity of the light source, and the absorption of the arterial and venous blood.
What are factors that affect signal strength to the Pulse Oximeter?
Transdermal Patch which supplies medication for up to 3 days and is absorbed through the skin beginning after 6-8 hours of application.
What is a Fentanyl Patch?
Everyone taking care of patients.
What is the most important component of patient safety, monitoring and care, that can never be replaced?
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