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Personal Relations
Awards and Collaborations

Name the era that started it all

What is Taylor Swift/Debut?


Which Taylor Swift song contains the line 'She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers'?

What is You Belong With Me?


Who is Taylor Swift currently dating?

E.C. 50 What is his job title?

Who is Travis Kelce?

E.C What is a Kansas City Chiefs Tight-End?



How many times has Cassidy seen Taylor Swift live? 

E.C 50 Which tours?

What is twice?

E.C. What is the Fearless Tour and the Red Tour? (Eras Tour next June)


When did Taylor most recently win Spotify's Global Artist of the Year?

When is 2023?


Which albums have yet to receive a Taylor's Version re-record?

What are Reputation and Taylor Swift?


What is Taylor Swift's longest song title? Not including words in parentheses and additional editions of songs

What is We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?


Which ex-boyfriend received a 10 minute long 'scolding' when Red Taylor's Version was released?

Who is Jake Gyllenhaal?


Which of Taylor's girl gang members - nicknamed 'The Squad' - did Taylor have an alleged relationship and falling out with?

Who is Karlie Kloss?


Which surf-rock front man is credited as a producer on many of Taylor's albums? Eg, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights. 

E.C. 50, What is the name of his current band?

Who is Jack Antonoff?

E.C. What is Bleachers?


True or False: Taylor's mom and dad attend every show

What is True?


Which song has allusions to a former boyfriend who crashed a snowmobile? 

E.C. 50 Which former boyfriend?

What is Out of the Woods?

or What is Is It Over Now?

E.C. Who is Harry Styles?


Which former boyfriend recently starred in the I Can See You music video for Speak Now Taylor's Version?

Who is Taylor Lautner?


Who was Taylor's masters sold to, which she responded to by re-recording her previous albums as "Taylor's Versions"?

Who is Scooter Braun?


How many times has Taylor won the Grammy for Album of the Year?

E.C. What years and albums? 50 pts for each album and 50 pts for each year

What is three times?

E.C. What is 2009 for Fearless, 2015 for 1989 and, for 2020 for Folklore?



Name the color associated with each era (10)

E.C. 50 What is the color fans believe is associated with Taylor's unannounced 11th album?

What is:

Debut - Green, Fearless - Gold/yellow, Speak Now - Purple, Red - Red (duh), 1989 - Light blue, Reputation - Black, Lover - Pink, Folklore - Silver/grey, Evermore - Brown/dark gold, Midnights - Dark blue?

E.C. What is Orange?


On occasion Taylor has released additional songs that did not make the original cut of the album, these can be released with a re-record of the album or stand alone. What is Taylor's most recently released 'From the Vault' song?

E.C. 100 What was the first From The Vault Song?

What is You're Losing Me?

E.C. What is You All Over Me ft Maren Morris?


Which celebrity couple is Taylor such good friends with that the couple's three children's names appear in the folklore love triangle? What are the children's names?

Who is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds? What are Inez, James, Betty?


Who was the previous owner of Taylor's Rhode Island Home nicknamed 'Holiday House'?

E.C. 100 What Taylor song is this person's life story told in?

Who is Rebecca Harkness?

E.C. 100 What is The Last Great American Dynasty?


Which famous rapper did Taylor Swift collaborate with and on what song?

E.C. 50 If you can name 2 rappers and songs

Who is Kendrick Lamar (Bad Blood)?

Or who is T Pain (Thug Story)?

Or who is Future (End Game)?


In which city did a plane fly over the stadium as Taylor sang "I thought the plane was going down, how'd you turn it right around"?

Hint: Scott Swift was wearing a Chief's Lanyard in this city

What is Buenos Aires, Argentina?


What was the lyric change on Speak Now Taylor's Version?

E.C. 50 What Song?

What is 'he was a moth to the flame she was holding the matches'?

E.C. What is Better than Revenge?


In 2002, then 12 year old Taylor was apart of what heroic event that made newspaper headlines with her mother when vacationing at their summer home?

What is, Taylor's mother - Andrea Swift - rescued passengers stranded on a boat, via their jetski?


What is this shirt in reference to?


What was the pseudonym Taylor used when collaborating with then boyfriend Calvin Harris?

What is Nils Sjöberg?

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