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What is the difference between TED and TEDx?

 The main difference between TED and TEDx is that TED events are centrally organized and curated by the TED organization, while TEDx events are independently organized and may have varying levels of resources and experience.


Look around the room. Can you name three allowed or forbidden modifications to the TEDx logo?

Change font from Helvetica to Inter Light,
Use bold font for special events,
Remove the tagline “x=independently organized TED event”,
Use white or black as background colour

All Caps is forbidden,
Change colour of text,
Use abbreviations


Can we hold a fundraiser for people affected by natural catastrophes?

No, you may not use your event to raise funds for charities or other organizations.


How long can a TEDx talk be? How many people can present it?

TEDx talks should be less than 18 minutes long and are typically delivered by a single presenter.


How many main events have we organized so far? (TEDxTUM was first organized in 2014)

8, no main event in 2020


Can we have a live Q&A with the speaker on stage?

No, no panels or audience Q&A are permitted


How long can snippets of TEDx talks used for social media etc.  be?

Max 30 sec


If you want Manuel Neuer on stage, can you pay him? If so, how much?

if you want you can have everything except paying for a speaker


I have written a book about a group of friends who set out to destroy a ring, and all the problems they encounter along the way. Can I give a TEDx talk about this book?

No, speakers cannot promote their own products, books, or businesses, or those of a company which employs them.
Talks can only feature technology, product demos, or books that inform an idea presented in a talk


How many birds have been on a TEDxTUM stage?

1 in the talk "The fascinating intelligence of birds | Auguste von Bayern"


Can we organize a TEDxTUM event at the TUM Campus in Straubing?

No, your TEDx event must happen in the city for which you received the license.


Where can we upload all the pictures from the event to our website for attendees to download?

Photos from your TEDx event must be uploaded to Flickr.

Can our sponsors present a technology on stage? 

Can the organizers present the technology in a talk?

Sponsors of your event cannot be speakers and can never present from the stage.

Organizers cannot be speakers at events to which they contribute.


Can you name two guidelines for TEDx talks?

No commercial agenda
No political agenda
No religious agenda
No bad science


How many views has the most watched TEDxTUM talk? (order of magnitude = number of zeros)
Has it received the most likes on YouTube?

~2million 6 Steps to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence | Ramona Hacker    
No, Taz Alam's spoken word poetry has 2k more


Can you name one permissible and one impermissible way of bringing your event to a wider audience?

TEDx talks and events cannot be broadcast on television
TEDx events cannot be streamed or incorporated into any audio programming (radio, podcasts, etc)
You may organize a watch party in a separate venue
Your webcast must be free to viewers


Can sponsors' logos appear in the video of a talk? If so, how often?

Yes you can have sponsor slides before and after video (2 times)

·  The sponsor logos must appear smaller than your TEDx event logo. Sponsor logos may only be shown on a single slide at the beginning and end of each edited video. If you are unable to edit these image files, you may recreate the layout in your image/slide editor of choice.

·  The sponsor slide should be a static slide, no moving graphics or commercials are allowed. Never feature rolling credits.

·  If you have multiple sponsors, you must feature all of their logos on the one slide. You may not feature different sponsor logos on different videos.


What industries are not allowed to sponsor TEDx events? Could BMW be a TEDxTUM sponsor?

  • Adult-oriented products/services
  • Tobacco/cigarettes
  • Weapons, ammunitions and defense


Do I have to sign something to become a TEDx speaker?

Yes, the speaker release form.


Two tries:
How many times would the number of views of our most viewed talk need to double for the talk to be in the TEDx Top10 most viewed talks?

~ 3 times (12.9 mio)

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