Test taking Strategies
Before the Test
Random Questions
Importance of Tests
Test Stress
What is the purpose of F.O.C.U.S?
F.O.C.U.S is strategies for test taking that can help me do my best.
What should I do the night before a test to make sure that I'm alert and focused?
Get a good night's sleep
When making a good guess, should I go with the first choice or change my answer to a different choice?
Your first choice is usually the best one to go with.
Why are tests important?
They help your teachers, parents and yourself measure what you know.
Demonstrate for the class one of our test taking tips that relaxes you, and helps the flow of oxygen to your brain which increases focus and concentration.
Smell the roses/blow out the candles OR the Popeye the Sailor Man song.
How should you, "make a good guess" when you take a test?
You get rid of the wrong answers first, and then make an educated guess with the last two answers.
To make sure I am energized, what should I do the morning of the test?
Eat a good breakfast
After the test is over I should (blank) to look for possible mistakes.
I should "scan it" or "check my answers"
When will I have to stop taking tests?
Never! You will always be tested in some way throughout your life.
Explain what positive self talk is, and demonstrate this for the class.
Positive self talk is saying encouraging words to yourself. An example can be anything that is positive words that are said out loud.
What does it mean to practice pacing on a test?
Pacing is when you don't go too fast, or too slow on a test. It is when you go middle speed.
What should I bring to the test?
A #2 pencil, erasers and any other tools my teacher says I should bring.
When I come across something important when reading passages, I should (blank) important passages or words that stand out to me.
Highlight or underline
What is the most important thing I should do daily to make sure that I do well on my tests.
Name a common reason for test stress.
Having negative thoughts.
What does the, "C" in F.O.C.U.S stand for, and what does it mean?
It stands for: Conquer it. Conquer it means to beat the best. It can also mean to conquer any nervousness that I might have.
Before the test, what are three things I plan to do to make sure that I do my best.
Any of the F.O.C.U.S strategies or anything else in class that we discussed that would be helpful for you!
What should you try to do before looking at the answer choices when taking a test?
Try to predict what you think the answer is before looking at the choices.
You are about to take a test, and your teacher has said that you can now begin. What is the first step you should take to make sure you know what to do.
Read directions
When I start losing focus while taking a test, I should ask the teacher if I can (blank).
Take a brain break, get a drink of water or walk around.
Name all the F.O.C.U.S strategies.
Face it, Organize it, Conquer it, Understand it, Scan it
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