True-False Test Tips
Essay Test Tips
Short Answer Test Tips
Open-book Test Tips
Most tests have more of this type of answer over false ones....
What is true answers?
If you have a test with 3 essay questions to answer in 1 hour, how much time should you spend on each question?
What is 20 minutes?
What is a good study method for remembering key terms, dates, and concepts? Concept on front, definition/explanation on back....
What are: flashcards?
You were just assigned an open-book test. Awesome! So now, how difficult do you think those questions are going to be? More or less difficult than a closed-book test?
What is: more difficult?
Statements that are definitions are usually __________.
What is: true!
To guess or not to guess on a test is the question.....which one should you do?
What is guess?
How many ideas should be included in each paragraph of an essay?
What is one main idea per paragraph?
If you come across a question that you can think of more than one answer to, what should you do?
What is: ask the teacher for clarification?
Name three tools that will help you in preparing for an open-book test:
What are: post-it notes, bookmarks, and highlight important points?
You should ________ __________ all of the wrong answers to narrow down the right answer.
What is: cross off!
Qualifiers like "never", "always", and "every" often lead to a false answer. What do they indicate about a statement?
What is: the statement must be true ALL of the time?
Whoops! You made a mistake while writing an essay on a test and want to remove a few phrases. What should you do, in the interest of both time and making the paper look neat?
What is: simply draw a line through the deleted material?
What is a good way to predict what questions will be asked on a test?
What is: anticipate questions that will be asked on the test, based on what the teacher emphasizes in class?
The teacher tells you that you can bring an agenda book, calculator, textbook, and Friday's newspaper to the test. What should you bring?
What are: the agenda book, calculator, textbook, and Friday's newspaper! You'll need them.
Look for answers in other parts of the _________ when you don't have an answer for a specific question.
What is: test!
What do qualifiers such as "usually", "sometimes", and "generally" mean?
What is: the statement can be considered true or false depending on the circumstances?
What do you do before you write an essay in order to make it well-organized?
What is: make an outline?
Oh no! You don't know the answer to a question on a test. What is best thing to do?
What is: come back to it after you finish the rest of the test?
To answer the questions you know off the top of your head OR to answer the ones that you need to reference from the book first.....which is best?
What is: answer the questions you know first?
If you have to guess on an answer, what letter should you pick?
What is: B
If any part of a question is false, then the entire statement is false, but just because part of a statement is true doesn't necessarily make the entire statement false. True or false?
What is true?
After you quickly finish writing an essay, what must you do if you want the final product to NOT have spelling and grammatical errors?
What is: proofread?
Some short answer questions will have multiple parts. What do you do in order to fully answer the question?
What is: read the question carefully, underlining the important parts?
What is a great way to support answer a question and support your point of view, if you have access to all the materials at your fingertips?
What is: use quotes from text?
In a multiple-choice test, what should you do before you look at the answers?
What is: read the questions!
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