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Where is the title of the chapter? How can you tell?

The interior plains region- rolling land and rivers

Correct: 3 Sit Ups

Incorrect: 5 Sit Ups


Find the 'PAUSE' section that talks about the Badlands. Why does the textbook have pause sections? What page is it on?

Page 72, to challenge your understanding

Correct: 3 Pushups

Incorrect: 5 Pushups


Where can you find the chapter focus? What is it?

The three bullet points on page 66

Correct: 3 Jumping Jacks

Incorrect: 5 Jumping Jacks


Find the blue bubble titled 'connect'. What page is it on? What does it say? Why is it there?

Page 76, it's asking you to connect what you're learning about to our lives right now

Correct: 3 Star Jumps

Incorrect: 5 Star Jumps


Where is Sandra's quote? How can you tell it's a quote?

Page 68, because it has quotation marks around the words

Correct: 3 Jumping Jacks

Incorrect: 5 Jumping Jacks


Find the 'Inquire' section. What does inquire mean? What page is it on?

Inquire means to question or be curious 

Correct: 3 Tuck Jumps

Incorrect: 5 Tuck Jumps


Find the picture of the boreal forest. What does the caption say? What is the purpose of the caption?

Page 68, the purpose is to inform the reader about the picture

Correct: 3 Bunny Jumps

Incorrect: 5 Bunny Jumps


Find the 'Looking back, looking forward' section. Why would they include this part at the end of the book?

To summarize what you learned and give you an idea of what the next chapter is about

Correct: 3 Squats

Incorrect: 5 Squats


Find 'thinking like a geographer'. What page is it on? What is the point of the bubble? (Main idea)

Page 71, the main idea is that geography is an important element to how we think about our world and it shapes our perspective

Correct: 3 High Knees

Incorrect: 5 High Knees


Find the 'predict' bubble. What is the question? What are they predicting?

The prediction bubble tells us we will be learning about the interior plains

Correct: 3 Jumping Jacks

Incorrect: 5 Jumping Jacks

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