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One of the official stations of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

What is NBC, CBS, or Peacock?


Even though this movie is overshadowed by it's more popular Halloween and Christmas versions, the classic cartoon is still the most-watched Thanksgiving movie 

What is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Peanuts)?


The three family members who get sung Happy Birthday to at every Thanksgiving

Who are Dorothy, Michael, and Stephanie?


This is the only sport and Philly team that could have a game on Thanksgiving.

What are the Philadelphia Eagles Football team?


Mr Lupia lived in this soccer loving, no beer serving country 

What is Qatar? 


The amount of legs that a lobster has

What is 10?


The president that made Thanksgiving a national holiday

Who is Abraham Lincoln?

He did this in 1863


Made famous by Monica in Friends, this comedian did the Turkey head bit first

Who is Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson)?


This family member was introduced on Thanksgiving

Who is Ed?


The name of the promo run by wawa during the phillies playoff run

RIP the Phillies season


The branch of the military that big Ed served

What is the US Army?


This chilly animal has black skin and clear fur

What is a polar bear?


How long is the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade 

a. 5.3 miles

b. 3.7 miles

c. 6.4 miles

d. 2.6 miles

What is 2.6 miles (d)?


The season of enjoyment for this disney movie has been disputed since it's release in 1993 (although a member of this family thinks its always enjoyed). This is due to it's multiholiday plot and name.

What is the Nightmare before Christmas?


The candy that Theone puts on her special cake

What are Hershey kisses?


The pudgy 1980s sixers mascot who threw papou bill's celtics jacket in the trash at a game

Big Shot


Our furry family member that was named after a villan from a famous "holiday" movie and was a DIE HARD fan of treats.

Who is Hans Von Schnauzer?


The length of time that a rabbit is pregnant for

a. 2 weeks

b. 1 month

c. 2 months

d. 1 year

What is 1 month (b)?


Of the 50 pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving, this many were women

a. 0

b. 4

c. 12

d. 23

What is 4 (b)?


The one of these women that have been in the most Hallmark movies

a. Candance Cameron Bure

b. Lacey Chabert

c. Holly Robinson Peete

Who is Lacey Chabert?

She has been in 31 movies for the channel


Sophia Kalogredis has 2 favorite desserts that are always at our family Thanksgiving. These are those desserts. Clue: 1/2 family 1/2 traditional thanksgiving

What are pumpkin pie and that chocolate cake?


The names of two current flyers players

Who are...


This is the make and model of the convertible that Joanna can't get enough of. SHE BOUGHT IT TWICE!

What is the Toyota Solara?


Which of the following animals is responsible for around 500 deaths per year

a. sharks

b. african millipedes 

c. whales

d. hippos

What are hippos (d)?


The president that started the tradition of a turkey being pardoned at Thanksgiving

Who is George Herbert Walker Bush?

He did this in 1989

This means that Taylor Swift has had a turkey pardoned her whole life!


Holiday Reunion is the poorly received sequel to what Christmas classic

What is National Lapoon's Christmas Vacation?


A picture taken in Thanksgiving past, Maria is holding this special item over her baby bump

What is an Emmy?


What local sports radio host was inducted into the hockey hall of fame this month

Who is Al Morganti?


This lawyer has a bachelor's degree in English 

Who is........


What is the genus of a platypus 

a. Petaurista

b. Ornithorhynchus

c. Tamiasciurus

d. Lagenorhynchus

What is Ornithorhynchus (b)?

The platypus has it's own genus because no other species shares the same characteristics