States with Beaches
Things you see
Colors at the Beach
This animal walks sideways on the sand, has pinching claws, and is a food some people love to eat!
What is a crab?
You do this in the ocean, usually wearing a swimsuit or swim trunks. You get wet and move your arms and legs to move through the water.
What is swimming?
This state is a large one on the west coast. It has the cities San Francisco and Los Angeles. It starts with a C.
What is California?
Some people put this in the sand to help block the sun, other times we use it to not get wet!
What is an umbrella?
The sky (on a sunny day!) is this color.
What is blue?
This animal has 8 arms, lives underwater, and the arms have suckers on the bottoms.
What is an octopus?
Some people like to sit on the beach and do this. They will open a book and spend their time by the ocean doing this.
What is reading?
This state is where we live, the Palmetto State! It is home to Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, and Isle of Palms.
What is South Carolina?
You use this to sit. You sit on it so you don't have to sit in the sand.
What is a chair?
A crab can be this color, the color of a stop sign.
What is red?
This animal has sharp teeth and has a bad reputation among ocean animals. Some types are the great white, hammerhead, and lemon.
What is a shark?
Some people do this to make a building out of sand. They use shovels, pails, and water to make this royal building.
What is a sandcastle?
This state has a pan handle, and almost the entire border is ocean. This state has the cities of Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.
What is Florida?
You use this to dig in the sand. It helps make a hole to search for seashells.
What is a shovel?
The sun in the sky is this color.
What is yellow?
This animal is gray and has a hole on it's back for breathing at the ocean's surface. They jump out of the water in arcs--some people try to swim with them!
What is a dolphin?
Some people do this in the ocean. They paddle out into the waves and try to catch one on their boards! You can also do this on the internet.
What is surfing?
This state is the Lone Star State. It is huge and it's beaches are on the Gulf of Mexico. It has the cities Dallas, Houston, and Austin. It is home to the Cowboys, the Texans, and the Spurs.
What is Texas?
This person sits on a tall chair. The wear red suits and have whistles around their necks. If someone is drowning, they rush into the ocean to save them.
What is a lifeguard?
Before you rub sunscreen onto your skin, it is this color out of the bottle.
What is white?
This animal has four legs, a head, and a hard shell. They are usually green. Squirt from Finding Nemo is one!
What is a turtle?
Some people do this down the beach, and then turn around and come back. They may be collecting shells, getting some exercise, or people watching.
What is walking on the beach?
This state is made up of islands. It has volcanoes and pineapples. You might see someone wearing a grass skirt!
What is Hawaii?
You use this to dry off when you're done swimming in the ocean.
What is a towel?
A dolphin is this color.
What is gray?
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