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Cultural Reset

This film franchise, based on the novels of the same name written by author Deborah Gray, tells the story of a girl group's rise in the music industry and their travels around the globe.

The Cheetah Girls


Following the story of a boy and his magical shape-shifting dog, the two characters encounter many strange adventures in the Land of Ooo, serving as hero's throughout the series.

Adventure Time


A sitcom featuring two stepbrothers who live together despite their vastly different lifestyles and their younger mischievous stepsister.

Drake and Josh
Lives next to a pineapple under the sea

Squidward Tentacles


Sombody once told me the world was gonna roll me...



This set of films follows the adventures of the supernatural Piper family, as main characters Marnie and Dylan as they discover the unique family ancestry and in a mysterious world full of ghoulish town folk.

The Halloweentown Series


After an accidental encounter with a foreign device that attaches itself to the main characters wrist, a 10 year-old boy is suddenly gifted with the ability to transform into various unearthly creatures with different powers, allowing him to fight evil.

Ben 10


Taking place on a beach front boarding school, as a set of friends experience on campus life, and grow closer together.

Zoey 101

Animal archenemy's who are on sight in silence

Tom & Jerry


A digital audio player is introduced by a famous tech company allowing users to have access to large amounts of music in their pocket.

Apple IPod


A unique and sincere film, this 2000's television film based on actual events showcases the struggle that occurs between two unlikely friends, as they learn about tolerance and overcome differences.

The Color of Friendship


This show centers around the trio of kindergarten-aged superheroes, as the colorfully save the day, defending their hometown of Townsville from wacky villains, with the help of their professor father.

Powerpuff Girls


Based in an anime inspired style, a young boy reawakens in a war torn to undertake a dangerous mystic quest to fulfill his destiny.

Avatar: The Last Airbender


The mentally disturbed employee of the The Premiere Theatre

Crazy Steve


A free online chat website is established in 2009, allowing users to socialize with others from all walks of life.



Torn between his love for food and love for sports, this film finds the main character struggle to follow his true culinary dreams, while also keeping his father happy, and making specialty hot dogs for his teammates.

Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off


The story of an orphanage dedicated to housing abandoned fictional character, this calm show explores what it would be like if human existed with figments of their own imagination.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends


A spin-off of a a spin-off, this show features some stand out characters from much more popular Nick sitcoms who unexpectedly become roomates.

Sam & Cat


Protagonist Mexican father trying to guide his family and wake us up with his theme song at 3am

George Lopez


All the bad celebs had the full track suit with the brand name on the back

Juicy Couture


When her kingdom is threatened, a young princess is taken into the hiding, were she is relocated to rural Wisconsin where she must now learn how to behave like a normal teenager.

Princess Protection Program

An action packed show that follows the quest of a accidental time traveling swordsman and his attempt to find his way home.

Samurai Jack


Following a popular tween rock band founded by two young siblings, this musical mocumentary sees this group try to form hit songs with there fellow preteen friends.

The Naked Brothers Band


Follow's his nose for the fruity taste that shows

Toucan Sam (Fruit Loops Commercial)


In 2009, Disney introduces a brand new original character in an critically well received and at the time furthered the image of a "princess" for a new audience

The Princess & The Frog

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