The Plot
The Science
Even more of the Plot
This character was seen as "simple" but she probably suffered from epilepsy or mental retardation.
Who is Lucile Elsie Pleasant?
A wound or injury to living tissue (pg. 17)
What is a lesion?
Why did Sadie think Henrietta waited so long to go see the doctor? (Chap. 1)
She thinks that the doctors would take out her womb and keep her from ever having children again.
The definition of a biopsy.
The removal and examination of a sample of tissue from a living body for diagnostic purposes
What happened when the family started to bury Henrietta's body? (Chap. 12)
A freak thunderstorm started.
Mary was the assistant to this doctor and cell research specialist.
Who is Dr. George Gey?
A published notice of a death, sometimes with a brief biography of the deceased (pg. 89)
What is an obituary?
Why was Henrietta raised by her grandfather Tommy Lacks? (Chap. 2)
Her father Johnny Pleasant didn't want to raise his 10 children by himself and they couldn't all be raised by one relative either.
How did the Pap smear benefit women? (Chap. 3)
They could detect precancerous cells and reduce the risk of women dying from cervical cancer.
How did Henrietta's daughter-in-law Bobette find out about the HeLa cells? (Chap. 23)
25 years later, her friend's brother-in-law was discussing them at the lunch table.
This doctor tested the effects of cancerous HeLa cells on his uninformed patients and test subjects by injecting them with her cells.
Who is Dr. Chester Southam?
A long or repetitive list (pg. 16)
What is a litany?
What did Mary realize when she noticed Henrietta's painted toenails? (Chap. 12)
That Henrietta was not just an object for harvesting cells, but a real person.
Why did advances in genetic research require the 1973 HEW law to be passed? (Chap. 23)
With all the information that could be determined, testing was no longer anonymous and it became an invasion of privacy.
When Deborah found out that her mother's cells were alive, what were 2 things that she was worried about. (Chap. 23)
The cells felt pain OR that Deborah would eventually suffer from the same disease.
This boy saved Deborah's life when she had a stroke.
Who is Davon?
The definition of inalienable
Unable to be transferred or taken away?
When examined by Howard Jones, what was notable about the existence of Henrietta's tumor? (Chap. 1)
The fact that it wasn't there 3 months ago meant that it was growing at an alarming rate.
Why did they need DNA samples from the rest of the Lacks family? (Chap. 23)
To find Henrietta's cells after a contamination and to find out more about the HeLa genotype.
What did Susan Hsu ask Rebecca Skloot to ask the Lacks family at the end of Chapter 23. What does this reveal about her?
She asked her to ask them to donate more blood. This shows that while she was more compassionate than her colleagues, she still saw the Lacks family as merely test subjects.
This doctor forced Susan Hsu to contact the surviving family of Henrietta to obtain new DNA samples.
Who is Victor McKusick?
The definition of "depot"
A railroad or bus station OR a warehouse or storehouse.
Why did the Jewish doctors specifically object to the research of Dr. Southam (Chap. 17)
Because of the recent events involving the Nazi doctors and their experiments during the Holocaust.
Describe Dr. Southam's stages of research and testing his hypothesis. (Chap. 17): Sets of test subjects --> Means of testing them --> How he informed the patients
Leukemia/cancer patients and then healthy prisoners --> injection of cells --> didn't inform them; just told them it was cancer research
Name the town OR the steel mill that Day left Clover to go work in. (Chap. 2)
What is Turner Station or Sparrows Point Steel Mill.