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This song, is a twist on a Bruno Mars Song, and is ranked #12 in global music videos today.

What is flowers?


This 32 day champion, reappeared in the show Jeopardy Masters, and won, and is now days a professional gambler.

Who is James Houlzhour?


We'll start with an easy one, this cartoon has been going on for almost 40 years, and is known for the yellow people.

What is the Simpsons.


This Simpsons Character, has over 1.5B and is known for his bossiness, and he hates Homer.

Who is Mr Burns.


The first Disney princess ever, Snow White, shocked the internet when they found out how old she really was, at the age of __.

What is 14?


This recent song, written by Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj, was written for the upcoming Barbie Movie.

What is Barbie World?


The 40 day trans champion, who won the tournament of Champions, has walked away in her jeopardy experience with almost $1.9M!

Who is Amy Schnieder.


Huey, Duey, and Luey must admire their uncle for having over 1.8T Dollars! Crazy.

Who is Scrooge McDuck?


You needle to know that this princess, often seen wearing a blue dress, is well known for her pink dress, which surprisingly, she only wears in 1 scene.

Who is Sleeping Beauty/Aurora?


A recent song by FIFTY FIFTY a Koop group, has more than one language in it.

What is Cupid?


23 games, was the amount of wins this non binary jeopardy champion won, it was their wins was also the same amount of their age.

Who is Mattea Roach.


In honor of the Simpsons, this TV show recently made a movie about the burger flipping characters.

What is Bob's Burgers?


This popular superhero, has his own company named after him, and has 10B dollars.

Who is Batman?


Tom Holland, who was on Instagram live, accidentally revealed the real sing of this Marvel Movie.

What is Avengers 3?


This song may have not been released in 2023, but this Carley Rae Jemson song became popular.

What is call me maybe?

This player may have only won 5 games, but got 2nd place in the Tournament of Champions, and 4th place in Jeopardy Masters.

Who is Andrew He?

The creator of Bob's burgers, made this much hated TV show, which just released its 3rd season.

What is the great north?


Daily Double

This vampire is in the top 3 richest characters of all time.


This Disney villain, was an old villain, but became popular again when they made a movie about her in 2022.

Who is Cruella Devile.


This singer started her work in 2023, and her first song, Itsy Bitsy, already has over 1M Views!

Who is Bava?


The professes tournament offered the winner a spot in the tournament of champions, where this champion placed third, but then got last in jeopardy master.

Who is Sam Buttery.


This show may be known for people who watch it, about a rich businessman, but people who don't perhaps would know it for the alien character.

What is American Dad?


This little boy is the richest boy in the world, or at least in his world, his family has around 3B Dollars.

Who is Richie Rich?


Malifecent, a very popular Disney villain, turned out to help Aroura/Sleeping Beauty, in this sequel to her original movie.

What is Malificent Mistress of Evil?