About the Herd
Dr. Klein
Cause and Effect
What's the Problem?
Bodies of rotting animals are often called this...
What are "carcasses"?
After the sailors' visit in 1965, Dr. Klein and his investigators found that only this small number of the herd remained on St. Matthew's Island.
What are forty-two?
It is the first thing that Dr. Klein did in the story of his case study.
What is study the mountainous region where the herd would live?
The sailors knew that something bad had happened to the herd when they visited the island because they found the island was littered with this...
What are reindeer skeletons?
Reindeer were released onto St. Matthew's Island to populate, but this problem occurred some years later.
What is that almost the entire herd had died?
If you visit a treeless arctic plain, you are visiting here..
What is the "tundra"?
The illustrator included a cut-away bone of a reindeer to show this...
What is to show what a healthy reindeer bone should look like?
When a report of disaster first reached Dr. Klein in 1965, he did this ...
What is study the animal skeletons?
To show the growth or decline of the reindeer, the author included this graphic source in the story.
What is a time graph?
St. Matthew's Island is difficult to reach for most of the year due to these two main problems.
What is it is surrounded by ice most of the time and there are no airports there?
A slow extinction or one-by-one death is known by this term...
What is a "die-off"?
On both his 1963 trip and later trip to St. Matthew's Island, Dr. Klein noticed this about the herd.
What is that the reindeer weighed less than normal?
We can tell that Dr. Klein and his fellow scientists were daring and determined because...
What is because they willingly went on an extremely dangerous and difficult mission to the remote island?
Once the reindeer herd had grown quickly to a substantial number, sailors went to the island for this reason...
What is to hunt the reindeer?
The problem for the reindeer is that they "ate...themselves out of house and home" which means this...
What is that they ate everything they could possibly get - using up all the available food on the island?
The lack of something is this...
What is "absence"?
From this case study, we now know that animal herds need to have this in place in order to thrive.
What are natural controls?
This one clue on the island led Dr. Klein to hypothesize that the reindeer herd had starved to death.
What is because all the plants the reindeer ate were overgrazed?
A sentence from the story states that the "island was strangely still." The cause of this was...
What is that few animals were moving around?
The main idea of the story is to respect the natural checks on population growth, which include these...
What are predators, parasites, disease and anything that limits the population from becoming too large for its environment to support it?
Things that live off other living things are known as....
What are "parasites"?
The reindeer on St. Matthew's fed off this mossy vegetation that was once plentiful there.
What is lichen?
The most likely purpose of Dr. Klein's case study was...
What is to teach readers about connections in nature?
Dr. Klein ruled that starvation had killed the reindeer because he noticed this about their bones.
What is that the bone marrow was completely gone?
Because Klein observed that serious damage was on the hilltops and ridges where wind kept the ground snow-free, he concluded that this was the problem...
What is that the reindeer had overgrazed those areas of all possible food?