thriller night

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Cuz this is thriller, _____ ______, and no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike


Thunder, feel the thunder Lightning then the thunder Thunder, feel the thunder

Thunder - Imagine Dragons

Just a young gun with a quick fuse I was uptight, wanna let loose I was dreaming of bigger things And wanna leave my old life behind Not a yes-sir, not a follower Fit the box, fit the mold Have a seat in the foyer, take a number I was lightning before the thunder

Thunder, thunder Thunder, thun-, thunder Thun-thun-thunder, thunder, thunder Thunder, thun-, thunder Thun-thun-thunder, thunder _______________________ _______________________ _______________________


Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock

Pyramid - Charice

Shawty's love is like a pyramid (ooh) We stand together till the very end (eh ooh) There'll never be another love for sure (ooh) Iyaz and Charice let we go

Stones, heavy like the love you've shown Solid as the ground we've known And I just wanna carry on We took it from the bottom up And even in a desert storm Sturdy as a rock we hold Wishing every moment froze Now I just wanna let you know Earthquakes can't shake us Cyclones can't break us Hurricanes can't take away our love

[Chorus:] ______________________________


Young dumb broke high school kids

Young Dumb and Broke - Khalid

So you're still thinking of me Just like I know you should I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could I'm so high at the moment I'm so caught up in this Yeah, we're just young, dumb and broke But we still got love to give

While we're young dumb Young, young dumb and broke Young dumb Young, young dumb and broke Young dumb Young, young dumb and broke Young dumb broke high school kids Yadadadadadadada Yadadadadadada Yadadadadadadada _________________________________


Its our problem free Philosophy Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

What a wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata Ain't no passing craze It means no worries for the rest of your days ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____


why do these tears come at night

Lucky - Britney Spears

She's so lucky, she's a star But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking If there's nothing missing in my life Then ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ ___ ____


Consuming confusing

Crawling - Linkin Park

Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real

There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface ________________________


Ang pagsuyong nagkulang

Tadhana - Up Dharma Down

Sa hindi inaasahang Pagtatagpo ng mga mundo May minsan lang na nagdugtong, Damang dama na ang ugong nito 'Di pa ba sapat ang sakit at lahat Na hinding hindi ko ipararanas saýo Ibinubunyag ka ng iyong mata Sumisigaw ng pag-sinta

Ba't di pa patulan ____________________________


We could do this all night

All Night - Icona Pop

We always dreamed about this better life, this better life We always felt it coming all along, yeah, all along We got the keys to open paradise, yeah, paradise Now let's go walking hand in hand

Come on baby we can hit the lights Make the wrongs turn right We can smash the club, make the pop go rock With a love this deep, we don't need no sleep And it feels like we could do this all night _____________________________


“A new fantastic point of view"

A Whole New World

I can open your eyes Take you wonder by wonder Over, sideways and under On a magic carpet ride A whole new world ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


just kiss 'til we're naked, baby

Versace on the floor - Bruno Mars

So, baby, let's just turn down the lights And close the door Oooh I love that dress But you won't need it anymore No, you won't need it no more Let's ____________________________


Way up high or down low

Wherever you will go - The Calling

So lately, been wondering Who will be there to take my place When I'm gone, you'll need love To light the shadows on your face

If a great wave shall fall It'd fall upon us all And between the sand and stone Could you make it on your own?

If I could, then I would I'll go wherever you will go ________________________


Ikaw ang pagibig na binigay

Ikaw - Yeng Constantino

Sa pagpatak ng bawat oras ay ikaw Ang iniisip-isip ko Hindi ko mahinto pintig ng puso Ikaw ang pinangarap-ngarap ko Simula nung matanto Na balang araw iibig ang puso

Ikaw ang pagibig na hinintay Puso ay nalumbay ng kay tagal Ngunit ngayo'y nandito na ikaw _________________________


We’re like diamonds in the sky

Diamonds - Rihanna

Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond

Find light in the beautiful sea I choose to be happy You and I, you and I We’re like diamonds in the sky

You’re a shooting star I see A vision of ecstasy When you hold me, I’m alive


Up on the shore they work all day Out in the sun they slave away

Under The Sea

Under the sea Under the sea

Darling its better Down where it's wetter Take it from me ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


My loneliness Is killing me

Hit Me Baby (One More Time) -Britney Spears

'Cause I need to know now Oh because ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ and I I must confess I still believe


Going out of my head, alone in this bed

Jet Lag - Simple Plan

What time is it where you are? I miss you more than anything And back at home you feel so far Waitin' for the phone to ring It's gettin' lonely livin' upside down I don't even wanna be in this town Tryin' to figure out the time zones makin' me crazy

You say good morning When it's midnight ____________________ ____________________


And I love you with a love so tender

Tell me where it hurts - MYMP

What is that sad look in your eyes Why are you crying Tell me now, tell me now Tell me, why you're feelin' this way I hate to see you so down, oh baby Is it your heart Oh, that's breakin' all in pieces Makin' you cry Makin' you feel blue Is there anything that I can do

Why don't you tell me where it hurts now, baby And I'll do my best to make it better Yes, I'll do my best to make those tears all go away Just tell me where it hurts now, tell me _________________________________


I'm crawling back to your bed

All my friends - Snakehips feat. Chance the Rapper

We open with the vultures, kissing the cannibals Sure I get lonely, when I'm the only Only human in the heaving heat of the animals Bitter brown salt, stinging on my tongue and I I will not waiver, I will not wait its turn It will beat, it will burn, burn, burn your love into the ground With the lips of another 'Til you get lonely, sure I get lonely, sometimes

All my friends are wasted And I hate this club Man I drink too much Another Friday night I wasted My eyes are black and red ___________________________


Mister, I'll make a man out of you

I'll Make A Man Out Of You

Let's get down to business To defeat the Huns Did they send me daughters When I asked for sons? You're the saddest bunch I ever met But you can bet Before we're through ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito Nos vamos pegando, poquito a poquito

Despacito - Luis Fonsi

This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico I just wanna hear you screaming, "¡Ay, Bendito!" I can move forever cuando esté contigo ¡Bailalo!

_______________________________ _______________________________


Make my way back home when I learn to fly high.

Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters

Run and tell all of the angels This could take all night Think I need a devil to help me get things right

Hook me up a new revolution 'Cause this one is a lie We sat around laughing and watched the last one die

Now I'm looking to the sky to save me Looking for a sign of life Looking for something to help me burn out bright I'm looking for a complication Looking 'cause I'm tired of lying _______________________________________


Kung kaya ko sana

Sana maulit muli - Gary V.

Sana maulit muli Ang mga oras nating nakaraan Bakit nagkaganito Naglaho na ba ang pag-ibig mo? Sana'y maulit muli Sana bigyan pansin ang himig ko Kahapon, bukas, ngayon Tanging wala ng ibang mahal

Kung kaya kong iwanan ka 'Di na sana aasa pa Kung kaya kong umiwas na 'Di na sana lalapit pa _______________________


Spread my wings and fly away

I believe I can fly - R. Kelly

I used to think that I could not go on And life was nothing but an awful song But now I know the meaning of true love I'm leaning on the everlasting arms

If I can see it, then I can do it If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I think about it every night and day ______________________________


From your nice warm bed

You've Got A Friend In Me

You've got a friend in me You've got a friend in me When the road looks rough ahead And you're miles and miles ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

The Singing Bee

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