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Who were the main characters?

Kioto and Osaka frogs


What does the first paragraph all about?

Two frogs that decided they need to see more of their world

Why do you think the frogs were surprised to see each other at the top of the mountain?

They didn't see any frogs on the way up

Frogs don't live high in the mountains


What does dwelt mean in the sentence

One made his home in a ditch near the town of Osaka, while the other dwelt in a clear little stream in the city of Kioto



What does fell into conversation mean in this sentence?

They looked at each other for a moment without speaking and then fell into conversation..."

began to talk to each other 


Where do they live?



What does the second paragraph tell us about?

Their journey was more difficulty and took longer then they thought it would, but they were doing it.


How did the frogs work together to come to the conclusion that they should go home instead of continuing to the new town they set out to visit?

The held each others hands so they could stand tall on their hind legs and see the towns from the top of the mountain.


Who can we figure Mikado was when reading this sentence?

He wanted to go to Kioto, where the great Mikado had a palace

A king

A prince

A leader


What do they mean by their native country in the sentence

They both felt the same... to learn about their native country.

their own country


When did the story take place

In the spring


Why did the frogs want to see the towns from a far in paragraph 4?

To see if they were different enough from their own town to go see?


Why were the frogs surprised in paragraph 7?

Because they thought that the town they were headed to was exactly like their own.


What does pity mean in this sentence

"What a pity we are not bigger", said Osaka frog, "for then we could see both towns"

a shame

too bad


What does that is easily managed mean in the sentence

"Oh that is easily managed, returned the Kioto frog.  "We have only got to stand up on our hind legs and hold on to each other, and then we can each look at the town we are traveling to."

easily fixed


What happened when the frogs tried to see the town they were traveling to from the top of the mountain?

They wound up seeing their own town.


Why didn't the frogs realize that the towns were as different as they could be in paragraph 6?

because their eyes are in the back of their heads so when they lifted their heads, they were looking behind them instead of in front of them.

What does beheld mean in the sentence

Their eyes beheld the places from which they had come.


looked at


What does a polite farewell mean in this sentence

Then they took a polite farewell of each other and set off for home again.

Said good bye

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