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Not too thrilling a number, this is the number of Flags that have flown over Texas

What is Six?


Be sure to shout this when you are down to your final card in this color and number matching card game, or else you'll have to draw 2

What is Uno!?


This is the length in months of a typical pregnancy.

What is 9 months?


I am your father, no duh his name literally means father in German.

Who is Darth Vader?


This course is the study of the physical feature of the Earth, to the layman - maps

What is Geography?


This iconic state phrase came from an anti-littering campaign

What is don't mess with Texas?


Shout this when your opponent ails your progress in Mille Bornes to remedy all future flat tires, out of gas, etc. Translation French to English is "Foul Play"

What is Coup Fourre?


On average, when these are 5 minutes are apart - you better head to the hospital.

What are contractions?


This vulcan lives long, and prospers as Captain Kirk's right hand man

Who is Spock?


Common to southern portion of American schools if English is not your first language a student is designated by this acronym 

What is ESL? (English Second Language)

Pivotal to the Texas Revolution, sadly every Texan died here in 1836.

What is the Alamo?


5 Crowns utilizes the standard four suits found in a deck of cards but adds a fifth this suit. Also makes for a great last name!

What is a Star?


What IVF stands for.

What is In Vitro Fertilization?

"Judge me by my size do you?" This wise old being recently had a cuter and smaller version of his name in the Mandalorian.

Who is Yoda?


Teacher Appreciation day is found in this month, convenient if you need a higher grade for your final report card

What is May?

This Texas University lays claim to the iconic coach for which the Heisman trophy is named after.

What is Rice University?


The most sold board game of all time is king to all others - believed to created in 6th century India.

What is Chess?


This is a big week in a pregnancy, it's when you can hear the heartbeat!

What is 6 weeks?


One of the most famous lines in all of Star Trek can be accomplished by simply yelling this villain's name from the top of your lungs

Who is Khan


The largest teachers union, the NEA stands for this.

What is the National Education Association?


This big state is home to three of the ten most populated cities in the US. [Name them]

What is Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas?


This games has hundreds of versions but "Jail", "Got to Jail", "Free Parking", and "Go!" are the staples.

What is Monopoly?


Twins, Triplets, etc. this is what you would call the children of the world record setting number of children born at one time to all survive.

What are octuplets? 


These are the droids you are looking for, amazingly two star wars characters to be in all 9 movies.

Who is C3-PO and R2D2?


Secondary education encapsulates 11-18 year old, Primary 5-10, so this must be before both of those.

What is Early (childhood) Education?

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