Themes of movies
Theme of poets
Nothings here

The start of the main character or others characters story



 Guess the theme of the movie "Destiny, Time, and Consequences – the movie is heavily focused on time – on how seemingly small, insignificant choices today can have a large or long-lasting impact tomorrow."

This movie is Back to the future

Guess the theme " I'm nobody Who are you? 

are you nobody, too? Then there's a pair of us - don't tell! They'd advertise - you know! How dreary to be somebody! How public like a frog to tell one's name the livelong day to an admiring bog! 

By: Emily Dickinson 

It is Identity

What are some common themes of poetry 

Happiness, sadness, and madness


what's here?



A group of people that are related



Guess the movie "The quintessential cautionary tale, warns naughty children about the grave consequences of misbehaving."

Peter the rabbit


Guess the theme "One positive seed-thought
Has saved me,
My entire life:
My Lord Supreme
Will always love me
No matter what I do
Or what I say
Or even what I become."

The theme is god


What is a stanza

stanza, a division of a poem consisting of two or more lines arranged together as a unit. More specifically, a stanza usually is a group of lines arranged together in a recurring pattern of metrical lengths and a sequence of rhymes.

How much a character will stay and help with anything and never leave for another person or team



Guess this movies from the theme "The main character sets out on an epic journey to find a legendary demigod, who can help her save her people. Along the way, she discovers her true identity and learns to follow her heart. The theme of the movie is an important one for kids and adults alike – it's never too late to find your true self and follow your heart."



Guess the theme "Not how did he die, but how did he live. Not what did he gain, but what did he give
These are the units to measure the worth
Of a man as a man, regardless of birth."


The theme is funerals


what is a tone in a poem

The poet's attitude toward the poem's speaker, reader, and subject matter, as interpreted by the reader. Often described as a “mood” that pervades the experience of reading the poem, it is created by the poem's vocabulary, metrical regularity or irregularity, syntax, use of figurative language, and rhyme.


People unable to build relationships with others



Guess the movie from the theme "One of universal theme is the search for the identity. We will demonstrate this theme through an analysis of the narrator, the main character who remains nameless. At the beginning of the novel, the narrator has no individuality."

Fight club


The theme is “I have no name:
I am but two days old.”
What shall I call thee?
“I happy am,
Joy is my name.”
Sweet joy befall thee!

Pretty joy!
Sweet joy but two days old,
Sweet joy I call thee:
Thou dost smile,
I sing the while,
Sweet joy befall thee!

-William Blake

The theme is joy


what is a structure in a poem

The structure of a poem involves many elements, such as the number of lines, the number of syllables in each line, the rhyming of certain words and phrases with others, and much more.


Ability to draw in the reader



What is this movie "Two of the major themes in the movie are collaboration and optimism. These two themes allow the humans to overcome the giant hurdles that are the Kaiju. Collaboration allowed humans to defeat the kaiju, a task nobody can do alone."

The movie is Pacific rim


Guess the theme "Under the wide and starry sky,
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you gave for me:
Here he lies where he longed to be;
Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill."

by Robert Louis Stevenson

The theme is Dying


What is a couplet in a poem

A pair of successive rhyming lines, usually of the same length. A couplet is “closed” when the lines form a bounded grammatical unit like a sentence (see Dorothy Parker's “Interview”: “The ladies men admire, I've heard, /Would shudder at a wicked word.”).