True or False
Therapy scenarios
Types of therapists

Going to therapy is easy.

False, going through treatment and actually working through your problems with exercises will be hard and require attention and effort.


Jimmy has been struggling with his wife lately, they are thinking about going to _____

Couples therapy


What do family therapists do?

They work with families that have trouble or couples who need counselling


What degree do you have to have to become a therapist?

Masters or doctoral degree


 ___ energy makes clients feel comfortable


You should always try to create a positive atmosphere for your clients 


A therapist only needs to focus on the client.

False, therapists need to be self aware too as they need to be helping others and stay professional


Carol got into a terrible car accident 4 years ago, she cannot enter a car without thinking back to the accident and has frequent flashbacks. What could help?

Trauma therapists help with people who have been struggling with the effects of traumatic events


What do occupational therapists help their clients do?

They help their clients perform or get comfortable with daily tasks that they might struggle with


Do you need any supervised practice experience??

yes , you must have at least 2 years of supervised experience


 The most important skills of consulting a client are _____

Verbal social skills

Communicating strategies, emotions or explanations clearly is very important 


 PWP stands for physiological wellbeing practitioners, who help people with common mental illnesses

True, they usually help with people who have anxiety, ODC, depression 


When Dylan did not want to express his feelings, he bottled them up. Now he struggles with understanding his emotions and responding to how he feels. What might be helpful?

A psychodynamic therapist will be able to focus on the ‘unconscious’ of your mind and help you tackle responses to emotion.  


What techniques do cognitive behavioural therapists use?

They use psychotherapeutic strategies to help with things that affect with the mind


How many years of study does it take to become a therapist?

An average of 5-8 years after undergraduate degree . You need time for a PHD and experienc


Is being funny a good skill to have?

Yes! Humour can help many patients feel comfortable


You have to be sick to go to therapy.

False. Therapy is an experience to help you better understand yourself and bring out better parts of yourself 


A client is breaking down in your office over something that recently happened. What is your immediate response?

Tell them it's okay to cry and let them know they are safe to do so however much they want. Maybe offer them tissues or words of encouragement


What could cause someone to go see an exercise therapist?

They might have had a physical illness or an accident that stunts their ability to function normally


Are there any specific prerequisites you need in high school?

No it doesn't really matter what you do in high school


what skill would help you react to clients?

Empathy and emotional awareness skills 

Your clients knowing you empathise and connect with them can give them a sense of belonging and comfort 


Therapy can help you change your life

True, therapy can help you develop healthy patterns that starts to change you little by little which can help you transform into a better version of you


A client gets really upset during a session and sits next to you slinging onto your arms. What is the most important thing to communicate to them?

You must set boundaries with clients to ensure safety for both sides.


Why are nutritional therapists needed?

People who struggle with their diet or overall health might find a nutritional therapist helpful


What undergraduate degree do you need? 

Does not matter, therapist only require a doctoral degree in psychology which has no relations to your bachelors degree


What’s an important skill most people don't think therapists need?

Business management skills 

They are important because fitting in customers, planning schedule, lesson planning and self promotion could all be a part of your job that you’re in charge of