Coping Skills
Growth Mindset

What feeling do you have if you are smiling and laughing?

Happy, Positive, Excited etc.


What is a positive thought? Example? 

Positive thoughts include thinking good things about ourselves, positive affirmations or saying encouraging things, or thinking I can do something. 


You parent asked you to clean up your room this evening. Option #1- Ignore them Option #2- Make a plan to clean my room later or ask for help

Option #2 is helpful because it shows we are listening and respectful 


What is your favorite coping skill? 

Name one coping skill


What are some ways we can grow our brain?

Eating healthy foods

Getting enough sleep

Trying and learning new things, etc


What feeling would you have if your arms and hands were tight, your eyebrows were furrowed, and you were clenching your teeth? 

Angry or frustrated 


What is a negative thought?

Negative thoughts can be anxious or upsetting thoughts. They might make us think we are wrong or bad. 


What does it mean to make positive choices and negative choices? 

Negative choices are unhelpful and disrespectful. Positive choices are helpful and usually give positive feelings.


Who is someone you can always talk to when you feel upset, nervous or frustrated?

Name someone


To keep trying and not give up is a growth or fixed mindset?

Growth mindset.

Name an emotion that is hard for you to talk about or that is a big feeling for you

Name one emotion and explain...

How can using Logic help us with anxious thoughts? 

Logic helps reminds us about the FACTS and challenges our fears. 


What are expected and unexpected behaviors? 

Expected behaviors follow the rules and make others feel respected and comfortable. Unexpected behaviors make others uncomfortable, confused or frustrated 

Show one kind of deep breathing

Belly breaths, silly breaths, lion breaths, etc.


What should I say, if i can't do something. Should I say I can't do it and give up?

No.  I can say I can't do it ...yet and keep practicing.


What are the Zones of Regulation? Name one feeling in each Zone

Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Zones

Change this thought: Everyone at school hates me 

I have some friends at school that like me and I enjoy playing with. Making friends can be hard sometimes and that is okay. I do my best to be a kind friend to everyone at school. 


The teacher asked you to be quiet. Option #1 you argue with her and say "I wasn't talking!" Option #2 - Be quiet and talk with the teacher after the assignment

Option #2 because it is respectful, follows the rules, and avoids getting in trouble


What is one way to challenge or defeat the worry monster or nervous thoughts? 

Do the opposite, use Logic, Facts vs Feelings, think positive thoughts, flexible thinking etc.


Instead of saying "I'm not good at this..." I can say...

Your choice

True or False: It is a good thing to keep my emotions bottled up

False! Emotions help us ask for help when we need it or share how we are feeling with others


Challenge this worry: I am so worried that I am going to fail my test.

I studied really hard for this test and I will do my best.


Your parents have a rule that after 7 PM there are no more electronics. It is 7:05 PM and you want to play one more video game. Option #1 keep playing because mom and dad did not come get to me Option #2 Log off and remind myself I get to play tomorrow

Option #2 shows Mom and Dad I respect their rules and I won't get in trouble

If you close your eyes and think about your safe place, what does it look like?

Describe your safe place 


Who has the power to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts?

I do.