Give the word or term for the definition below:

When you remain upbeat or cheerful and believe you will get it even when it is hard or you have tried over and over unsuccessfully.

Positive Attitude


What is the 4 step procedure for entering the S.T.E.M. Lab?  

  • Walk into class quietly.
  • Sit down quickly.
  • Wait quietly for instructions.
  • Do not come up to the teacher.

What is the difference between positive and negative consequences?

Positive consequences are the result of making good choices.  Negative consequences are the result of making poor choices.


Johnny open his Chromebook and the screen is black.  He presses the power button and nothing happens.  Most of his classmates have logged into their computers now and Johnny feels anxious.  He begins to press the power button very aggressively over and over.  Then he slams down the top.  What did Johnny do wrong?  What should he have done instead?

Johnny was not respecting the S.T.E.M. Lab equipment and could have damaged it.  Instead, he should have waited until the teacher was through with instructions, raised his hand, and told her what was happening.


Why do you think that it is important to come into the S.T.E.M. Lab quietly?  

Acceptable responses:

It saves time because the teacher doesn't waste time trying to get your attention.

You are able to hear instructions and get started.

You are preparing your mind to accept information and starting class with a positive attitude.


Give the phrase for the definition below:

When you admit you have done something wrong or right and accept the consequences of your choice.

Taking Responsibility 


Double Jeopardy!

If you answer the first part of the question correctly, you get the points.  If you answer the second part of the question correctly, you double your points.

Part 1:

What are 4 of the 6 things you must do when leaving the S.T.E.M. Lab?

Part 2:

What are the other 2 things you must remember when leaving the STEM Lab?

All 6:

  • Log off of your computer as soon as you’re told to do so.
  • Neatly put your headphones on top of your computer.
  • Push up your chair.
  • Pick up your trash - like paper or Kleenex tissues and put them in the trashcan.
  • If you are wearing Star Wars, meet me at Darth Vader.
  • Get in a straight line quickly and quietly.  

When are you allowed to ask permission to go to the restroom?

If you can't hold it, or feel sick to your stomach, you have an emergency, and you may ask to go.


Melanie was assigned to do a team with three other students.  The team is in a race to complete a list of tasks.  The group decides to one of the tasks a certain way, but Melanie thinks it is wrong.  She says, "I don't think this is the right way to do it." Then she takes over and changes what the group did.   What did Melanie do wrong?  What should she have done instead?

Melanie was not a team player.  If she disagreed with her group, she should have stated it and gave reasons why.  Then the group would decide to stay with their decision or change to do it Melanie's way.  If they stayed with their decision, Melanie should be a good team member and support the group decision.


Why do you think there is a checklist of questions you must ask yourself before you can ask permission to go to the nurse?

Acceptable Answers:

There are only certain things the nurse can help you with and asking yourself questions will help you determine if she will be able to help you.

The checklist helps you determine whether you will get permission to go to the nurse.

The checklist helps you determine if what you want to see the nurse for is relevant or if you are just trying to leave class.


Give the phrase for the definition below:

When you do something that you would normally be afraid to do, so that you can learn something.

Academic Risk


If the teacher is talking or a peer has the floor and you have a question or something you would like to add to the conversation, what do you do?

Wait until the teacher asks for questions or comments or until your peer has finished their comment or gotten the answer to their question.


Why are you asked to use an inside voice?

If everyone is in group discussion and talking in a loud voice, it becomes too loud for anyone to hear or concentrate and you disturb other classes around you.


All of a sudden, the intruder alarm goes off. Everyone goes to their places to hide.  Soon, there is a knock on the door.  The students hear Officer Bowen say, "It's ok students, you can open the door now."   Amber stands up and unlocks the door to let Officer Bowen in.  What did Amber do wrong?  What should she have done instead?

Amber is not supposed to unlock or open the door for anyone after the intruder alarm goes off.  This includes people she knows because they could be forced to say that by the intruder.  Instead, she should have waited quietly.  If Officer Bowen really wanted us to know we were safe, he would use his key to open the door and tell us we are safe.


Why do you think it is important to stay quiet after hearing the weather, fire, or intruder alarm?

Acceptable Answers:

You don't want to be distracted from doing what you need to do to stay safe.

You want to be able to hear any instructions the teacher gives.

Teachers need to make sure all students are together and where they need to be and not worried about kids talking.

You don't want to bring attention to yourself if there is an intruder in the building.


Give the phrase for the definition below:

When you provide facts, research, or examples after you tell what you think.

Supporting Your Opinion 


Providing Evidence for Your Opinion


When your team makes a decision about something they will say or do, but you disagree, what should you do?

Tell your team you disagree. Explain why you disagree.  If the majority of the team still wants to go with what they decided to do in the first place, be a good team sport and support the team's decision.


What should you do if you zone out and do not hear the teachers directions?

Raise your hand after she's finished and be honest.  Tell her you zoned out and she will repeat the directions.


Sasha leans over to a neighbor during individual work time and whispers, "I don't understand this activity.  Can you help me?"  Esme sits three table over but she hears Sasha.  Esme has completed that one.  She calls to Sasha.  "I can help you!  I have already done that one."  Then Esme walks over to Sasha's seat to help her.  Which girl did not follow procedure? What should she have done instead?

Esme did not follow procedure.  She did not use an inside voice, she got out of her seat without permission, and she did not follow the procedure for getting help.  The procedure for asking for help is to ask your neighbors first and then raise your hand for the teacher.  Sasha was following the procedure.


Why do you think that Mrs. Tyner wants you to go to the restroom during class time and not during specials' classes?

You only have 35 minutes of specials time and if you have to leave to go to the restroom you are missing valuable instruction or leaving your teammates to do all the work.


Give the word for the definition below:

Your ability to dig deep; to do whatever it takes - even to the point of struggling, sacrificing, and even suffering to achieve your goals.



How do you go about playing the devil's advocate or challenging someone's opinion, answer, or statement?

You say, I would like to respectfully challenge your opinion, answer, or statement.  Then give your opinion, answer, or statement and provide facts, evidence, or examples to support your claim.


When are you allowed to press the buttons on Darth Vader or the Storm Trooper?

When you where Star Wars clothes or accessories or if girls where their hair in Princess Leia Buns on STEM Lab day.


Carlton and Joe are best friends.  They were happy when they were assigned to work on a project together.  As they were working, they start calling each other "Dip" and "Dimwad."  Amy is in the group next to them.  She says, "You should be nice to each other.  What you're saying is really mean."  Carlton looks at her and says, "We are friends.  Mind your own business, nosey."  Who did not follow the STEM Lab rules?  What should he or she have done instead?

Carlton did not follow the STEM Lab rules.  He said something mean to Amy that he did not need to.  Instead Carlton should have said, We are friends and we just call each other that." or "You're probably right.  We are friends but I imagine it probably doesn't sound nice to those around us."


Part of STEM Lab Entering the Room Procedure states that you should not come up to the teacher to talk at the beginning of class.  Why do you think this is part of the procedure?

The beginning of class is not a good time to talk to the teacher.  She needs to give instructions and get the class started on the assignment.  I waste the class's time when I interrupt her.

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