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This note has a head but no stem.

What is a whole note?


This note is always on the 2nd line in treble clef.  It's note "oh golly bee."

What is g?


The line helps divide music into measures, not to be confused with standing behind others waiting to get an alcoholic beverage.

What is a bar line?


Mr. Ferguson says this daily to make you look intelligent. It is distancing for your foundation or "tootsies."

What is "feet shoulder width apart, look smart?"


These are what we like to call the five pure vowels.

What are EE, Eh, Ah, Oh, and OO?


This note has a head that is shaded in but has no flags.

What is a quarter note?


The letters in the spaces of the treble staff spell this. Mommy says wash it every morning when you get up.

What is face?


This is found after a key signature in a piece of music and looks just like a fraction.  It tells how many beats are in a measure and what kind of note gets one beat.  It is a musical John Hancock.

What is a time signature?


This is a description of the singing face.  

What is "big mouth and bright eyes?"


These vowels are formed primarily with your tongue.

What are "EE, Eh, and Ah?

This note receives two beats in 4/4 time.

What is a half note?


This acronym can be formed from the letters of the treble staff lines.  Girls also like ice cream toppings.

What is every good boy deserves fudge?


This is the combination of notes and rests in musical time.  It is very often simply referred to as duration or note duration.

What is rhythm?


This is a description of Body Basics.

What is "perfect posture and the singing face?"


These vowels are formed primarily with your lips.

What are Oh and OO?

These two notes make up one beat when put together by a beam.  Remember the way we buy shoes.

What is a pair of eighth notes or two eighth notes?


The two ledger lines above and below the treble staff are spelled with these two letters.  Name them and explain how.  This sure helps when its hot or you need power.

What is A C? (A is first above and C is second.  C is first going down below then A.  For both going up, the order is A C.)


This comes immediately after the clef and identifies the scale that the song or section of a song is based upon and its home tone. It uses sharps and flats to do its work and is another musical John Hancock. 

What is key signature?


Describe perfect standing posture for singing Turner Middle School ensembles.

What is "stand tall/head up, back straight, chest up, shoulders down and relaxed, feet should width apart, hands by your side, and knees not locked.


This is what is formed when two vowels are used together to create one sound?

What is a diphthong?


This note has two flags but does not receive an entire beat.  

What is a sixteenth note?


What are the names of the lines and spaces from bottom to top for the bass clef staff?  Beef makers are in the stable eating hay.

What are g,a,b,c,d,e,f,g, and a?

This is a series of pitches ascending and descending in step-wise order.  It comes from a word that means ladder.  It is not to be confused with its homonym used in your mom's bathroom that very often cause family members to be depressed when used.

What is a scale?


Quote Mr. Ferguson or state the three main things he says to help you remember to keep your hands by your side while singing.

What is "hands by your side, don't be denied, show your pride, never lied?"


This is the vowel shape we want to keep our mouth in while we are singing, though it is not always possible.

What is the "Oh" vowel shape?