Toys and Hands
SI and Sensation

What cognitive skills do children develop through play?

problem solving, imagination, creativity, explore other concepts such as shapes, colors and measurements, counting and letter recognition


A child is asked to put their books away. The child then throws their book across the room and is sent to the principles office. Which part of this scenario would be considered the behavior?

Child throwing their book across the room


Which of the below toys would not be developmentally appropriate for an infant? (there are two)

Balls, soft dolls, legos, rattles, trucks, squeeze toys

legos and trucks... these are better suited for a pre-school aged child.


Proprioception can be displayed through all of the following clinical observations except...

supine flexion, prone extension, sequential finger touching, finger to nose

prone extension


A _______ assessment compares a persons performance to a standard set by the assessment. a ______ assessment shows how a person performs compared to other people.

criterion referenced, norm referenced


Play is spontaneous, fun, flexible and ______

intrinsically motivated


By the time Jimmy gets outside for recess all the swings have already been taken. Because of this Jimmy pushes another child off the swing and then the recess monitor asks him to take a time-out. Which behavior would be considered the antecedent?

All the swings are already taken


______ is a great activity/toy that is suited for older children

arts and crafts, outdoor toys, board games

This sensory receptor is responsible for relaying information about linear motion in all direction and can sense stopping/starting vs constant movement



A client achieved a z-score of -2.5. How would you interpret this?

compared to the mean (0), the client performed 2.5 standard deviations below the mean score. 


play as an occupation incorporates meaning and play in the _______

natural environment


In class, each child takes a turn bringing the class pet home for the weekend. Stacy is especially happy and cooperative all weekend and takes great care of the pet. On Monday, Stacy gets praise from the teacher for taking such good care of the pet. Which part of this scenario is an example of consequence?

Stacy getting praise from the teacher


What in hand manipulation skills is displayed when a child needs to go from writing to erasing on a piece of paper?

complex rotation... pencil being turned end-to-end


This receptor can sense angular and rotary movement

semicircular canals


Which assessment would be best to use for a 3.5 year old who has gross motor difficulties 



An OT is consulting with an afterschool program for children in kindergarten. Staff is concerned with some childrens limited physical activity and screentime. The OT might educate the staff on materials and strategies to promote the following types of play...

constructive play, social/dramatic play, beginning sports, games w/ rules


What is the main purpose of a functional behavior analysis?

to uncover what is causing a behavior so that strategies can be created to improve the behavior.


A child who is splaying out a deck of cards in their hand is showing the in-hand manipulation skill called...



this sensory receptor sense information about deep touch, pressure and vibration

dorsal column


A 5 year old child is having difficulty finding their socks in a basket of clothing, and has extreme difficulty with the game "I spy". Their vision screening came back normal. Which assessment would you like to perform on this child.



In an OT session focused on play, the therapist would act as...

a playmate sharing control and decision making


OTs and ABA therapists have different roles when it comes to behaviors. OTs mainly assist a child with calming their bodies when dysregulation occurs. an ABA therapist will...

help to define root cause of behavior and create an environment to decrease behavior.


Most children are able to master a dynamic tripod grasp between the ages of _____ but no later than __.

6-7, 7


this receptor sends information to the eyes, cervical muscles, extensor muscles of the neck and back, and to the cerebrellum for motor coordination

vestibular nuclei


the teacher of a 7-year-old has come to you expressing their one of her students has not been able to participate in some of the craft activities because they have been struggling to cut out simple shapes. What assessment would you do with this child to get a better idea about their fine motor precision?


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