Soft Skills
Job Applications
On the Job
First Impressions
You are finished with your work. You tell your boss/teacher you are finished and you ask if there is anything else you could do.
Your job application should be completed with this
What is black or blue ink or typed
When does your interview begin?
When you walk in the door (possibly parking in the parking lot even)
You finished what you were assigned to do at work. No one is around, you check your texts on your phone real quick. You are pretty sure no one saw you, no big deal?- True or false?
You completed your job application. You are going into the store to hand it in, how should you dress?
business casual
You are having a hard time with your work. You ask another person for help.
What is ADVOCATING for yourself
How many references should you have Who can you use for a reference?
3 references NO FAMILY MEMBERS, ask anyone who can speak to your character!

Your interview is at 12:00 what time should you be walking into the place where the interview is being held

What is 11:45

You hit traffic. You are supposed to be at your shift at 8:00, it's 7:55. You won't make it to work for at least another 10 minutes. What do you do?

How should you dress on an interview?

What is appropriate for the job you are applying for-no holes in jeans and well groomed.


Name one soft skill that your team feels like is most important in terms to work

(Answer Varies)

You just filled in the last section of your job application. You think you filled it out right. What should you do next
What is having a few people look it over
When the interviewer comes out and calls your name, what should you do next?
What is introduce yourself, shake their hand, and say "nice to meet you"

A customer calls ahead and asks if someone can pull a lawnmower off the shelf for her to pick up. When she gets there the lawnmower was not pulled. She is furious and now yelling. How do you handle a yelling/upset customer?

What is apologize to the customer and help her with the lawnmower


When handing in your job application, what should it look like?

What is papers should be clean (no stains or wrinkles)

There is an issue at work. Your boss isn't there. You are working hard to come up with a solution.
You don't know your social security number or the address of where you last worked. You think about leaving it blank, what should you do?
What is finding out the information. Never leave anything blank!
At the end of the interview, what should you say to the interviewer
-Shake their hand -Say, it was great to meet you, thank you for your time

You would really like to have the weekend off to go to Busch Gardens with your friends, but you usually work weekends. What should you do?

What is complete the required paperwork to request a day off


You get dressed for work or the job interview and are ready to leave home. What should you do before leaving?

What is look in the mirror to check your clothing/uniform before you leave home.

Your boss tells you to go work with Saddie and Mark on a project together. You don't really care for Saddie but you realize that it's important to work together to get the job done right. You put your feelings aside and work/ help eachother
What is team work
If a question on the job application doesn't apply to you, should you leave it blank or what you put?
What is N/A...non-applicable
The interviewer asks you to name one weakness. You tell them you have zero tolerance for people. Is this a good answer? How should you answer that question.
Never say anything major that could be a deal breaker. Always spin it into a positive!

You usually get a ride from work with a coworker, but that coworker left work early because he was sick. What do you do?

What is call a trusted friend or family member to ask for a ride. You can also use a service like Uber or LYFT if you have money to pay for the service.


You hear the regional supervisor is stopping in on Friday. You are also working on Friday. What could you do to make a good impression?

What is help to prepare the store for the visit.

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