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High School Mental Health

The term for an average of a students semester grades

What is a GPA?


What to do when you have an issue and you need support

What is talk to the counselor or trusted adult?


Time that a teacher has set aside to help students after school.

What is tutoring or office hours?

Term for setting aside time to review notes and concepts from class.
What is studying?

A person you can go to on site if you are concerned or worried for a friend's mental health or well-being

What is the counselor(s)


A skill that will help you easily find your work and turn it in on time

What is organization?

Something that you use that can potentially get you in to trouble if you don't think before you post

What is social media?


What to do if you have additional questions about an assignment

What is ask the teacher during class or in tutoring?

Students are expected to do this when they miss a day of class.
What is ask the teacher for make up work?

The methods a person uses to deal with stressful situations

What is coping tools (calming tools, coping skills, calming skills)


The numbers a GPA ranges from? (x to x)

What is 0.0-4.0?


The term for what is important to you and what you use to guide your decision making

What is values or morals?


Things that you do in high school that help you get to college. (3-4 possible answers, only need 1)

What is get good grades, extra curricular activities, and volunteer work?


Term for when a student is late to class.

What is tardy?


What are 2 ways a high school student can support their mental health?

What is getting good sleep, having healthy coping skills, positive and supportive relationships, finding a trusted adult, music, sports/extracurricular activities, exercising, advocating, asking for help, etc.


This is a standardized test that students take before being accepted into college

What is the SAT or ACT?


Something that tends to increase when you enter high school and means being held accountable

What is responsibility?


It is important to get to know this person at school because they can help you with any issues you have at school and will help to send your college applications as a senior.

What is the counselor?


This is important because it ensures that you are not missing any class time and that you are not missing important concepts and units in class.

What is good attendance?


What are 2 warning signs that a high school student might be experiencing mental health struggles?

What is: trouble sleeping, feeling down or depressed, risk taking behaviors, not eating, mood swings, drug use, alcohol use, drastic changes in behaviors, difficulty concentrating, intense worries or fears, etc.


Term for classes students students have an option to take but are not part of their core classes. Students often choose these types of classes in an area they are interested in or will help them in their future plans.

What is elective class?


Something that can influence you to make a decision that you normally wouldn't or that goes against what you believe 

What is peer pressure?


The resource available (and at times required) for students when they do not pass a class during the school year?

What is summer school.

Using this can help students keep track of assignments.
What is a planner?

The number to call for a mental health crisis and to reach the suicide and crisis hotline. This is available 24/7.

What is 988?