Module 6: Affect Identification
Module 7: Affect Modulation and Expression
Module 8: Grief and Loss
Module 9: Executive Functions
Module 10: Self-Development & Identity and Trauma Integration

Activities like singing songs, dancing, clapping hand games, and follow the leader are examples of this type of regulation.

a. What is Up Regulation

b. What is Down Regulation

c. Alternating Regulation


Changes in appetite or difficulty sleeping are examples of this type of response in the grief process.

a. What is Physical Response

b. What is clinging

c. What is regression


“I am not safe” is an example of this type of belief.

a. What is Traumatic Belief

b. What is Traumatic Integration

c. Cognitive Distortion


Affect identification is naming a feeling or __________.

a. What is Emotion

b. what is expressive language

c. What is disconnection from feelings


Modulating energy levels of children using up, down and alternating activities are example of ____.

a. What is helpful for children

b. What is Affect Modulation

c. What is understanding degrees of feeling                        and energy


Executive functions are in this part of the brain as a car.

a.  What is the Front Seat

b. What is the Limbic system

c. What is evaluating outcomes


Activities like singing songs, dancing, clapping games, races, and follow the leader are examples of this type of regulation.

What is Up Regulation


An emotional process that occurs after death.

a. What is Brain Process

b. What is Affect Management

c. What is emotional Reaction


When we consider the impact of trauma on executive functions, it’s important to remember that the brain is focused on __________.

a. What is Survival

b. What is a good appetite

c. What is emotions


How children build a sense of self integrates multi aspects of themselves and their world is an example of___.

a. Future self

b. Coherent self

c. Positive self


This type of experience can negatively impact a child’s ability to identify their emotions and use other, less helpful coping skills.

a. What is Trauma or a Traumatic Experience

b. What is coping skills

c. What is disconnection


One way to help children grieving death is to help them understand the __________ of death.

a.  What is permanency

b. What is moving

c. What is loss of housing


The following phrase, name what I feel, connect feelings to what's happening, understand I can have more than one feeling- relates to__

a. Routines

b. Rituals

c. Affect Identification



Activities like blowing bubbles, breathing exercises, guided meditations, grounding, and cuddling stuffed animals are examples of this type of regulation.

a. What is Up regulation

b. What is Down Regulation

c. What is Alternating Regulation


Trauma integration is the process of building a __________ and integrated understanding of self and the capacity to move beyond survival and actively engage in their present life.

a. What is Coherent

b. Future self

c. Consistency

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