The solar system
US History
States of the US

Which of the following objects is not a planet in our solar system? 

a. Mercury b. Jupiter c. the Sun d. Neptune 

c. the Sun


In which of these well-known sports is the ball often called a "pigskin"? 

a. water polo b. baseball c. football d. basketball

c. football


Which famous American is on the $10 bill? 

a. George Washington b. Andrew Jackson c. Alexander Hamilton d. Benjamin Franklin  

c. Alexander Hamilton


If an arm is severed, these invertebrates can grow another one in its place. 

a. sea star b. horseshoe crab c. sponge d. coral

a. sea star


What state has the nickname, "The Lone Star State"? 

a. Texas b. Kentucky c. Canada d. Ohio  

a. Texas


Our Solar System is only a small part of the galaxy we are in. What is our galaxy called?

a. the Spiral b. Milky Way c. Andromeda d. Pinwheel  

b. Milky Way


Over 500 marathons are run each year in the world. Where did the tradition start? 

a. Greece b. Italy c. France d. United States

a. Greece


This Afro-American woman became famous for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in 1955. 

a. Rosa Parks b. Reva Parks c. Harriet Tubman d. Shanielle Rosales  

a. Rosa Parks


Roosters only crow in the morning during sunrise.


True or False



Of the many states in America, which is the smallest? 

a. Rhode Island b. Delaware c. Connecticut d. Maryland 

a. Rhode Island


Which one of the planets of the Solar System was downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006?

a. Earth b. Mercury c. Titan d. Pluto 

d. Pluto


Hope Solo was one of the players representing the US national women's team in the 2016 Summer Olympics. What position did she play in? 

a. sticker b. goalkeeper c. midfielder d. fullback 

b. goalkeeper


What country did Christopher Columbus sail for when he landed in the Americas in 1492? 

a. France b. Portugal c. Germany d. Spain

d. Spain


What is the only marsupial found in the Americas (and only the Americas)? 

a. kangaroo b. opossum c. bald eagle d. wallaby 

b. opossum


Which state contains the highest mountain in the U.S. and is also the largest state in area? 

a. Texas b. California c. New York d. Alaska 

d. Alaska


Which planet is the largest in our solar system? 

a. Neptune b. Jupiter c. Mars d. Pluto

b. Jupiter


In which state is the first leg of the thoroughbred horse racing Triple Crown held? 

a. Maryland b. Florida c. New York d. Kentucky 

d. Kentucky


During what war was the Battle of Gettysburg fought? 

a. American Revolution b. War of 1812 c. WW II d. Civil War 

d. Civil War


Which mammal, native to Australia, has a red coat and is closely related to wolves? 

a. Kangaroo b. Quokka c. Koala d. Dingo 

d. Dingo


Which state is the first official state of the U.S.?

a. Vermont b. Virginia c. Delaware  d. Virginia  

c. Delaware


How many natural satellites does the Earth have? 

a. one b. four c. three d. ten

a. one


In horse racing, what is the outfit worn by the jockey called? 

a. cottons b. denims c. silks d. sweaters 

c. silks


What state was gold found during the Gold Rush of 1849?

a. Wyoming b. California c. Arizona d. Texas

b. California


Which of these birds shares its name with a shade of red and a baseball team from St Louis? 

a. Oriole b. Cardinal c. Jay d. Eagle  

b. Cardinal


In which state is Mount Rushmore located? 

a. North Dakota b. Florida c. Louisiana d. South Dakota 

d. South Dakota