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What was the first Netflix Original series?

House of Cards


What CW series is based on the iconic Archie comic book series?



Which Friends character has an evil twin?

Phoebe Buffay


What iconic '10s TV Series featured the following guest stars: Sarah Jessica Parker, John Stamos, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Goldblum, Lindsay Lohan, Neil Patrick Harris, Britney Spears, and Meat Loaf?



In Arrested Development, The Bluth family is known for selling what from their beach front stand?

Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas


In the first opening of One Piece, Sanji is shown holding a cigarette. In the original American dub on 4Kids, what do they edit into his hand instead? 

A lollipop. 


Sugar, spice, and everything nice! What fourth ingredient is accidentally added to the concoction that made the Powerpuff Girls?

Chemical X


What TV Show was the first to feature a pregnancy and birth storyline?

I Love Lucy (1953)


Psych, known for using the improvisation of its actors, features what fruit in every episode? (Yes, starting with the pilot!)



Jaleel White played which '90s sitcom character whose catchphrase was "Did I do that?"

Steve Urkel (Family Matters)


What Netflix Original holds the record for most views on the platform?

Squid Game (142 million hours)


In Community, Troy and Abed are obsessed with what fictional Sci-Fi show, a direct rip off of Doctor Who?

Inspector Spacetime


In Neon Genesis Evangelion, what is Rei Ayanami?

A) A clone made from alien DNA.

B) A NATO spy sent to gain the secrets of the Nerv Pilot Program.

C) A figment of Shinji's imagination.

D) A telepath, secretly reading everyone's minds

E) Shinji's twin sister, separated at birth to train in America for the Nerv Pilot Program.

A) Rei is clone of Shinji's dead mother. She was created using Angel (alien) DNA.


Which is not a song from Steven Universe?

A) Giant Woman

B) Fries

C) Let Me Drive My Van (into Your Heart)

D) Big Fat Zucchini

E) system/BOOT.pearl_final(3).Info

B) Fries - from Adventure Time


What was the first TV show to utter the word "hell" as a curse?

Star Trek (1967)


What crime drama series featured the following guest stars: Robin Williams, Snoop Dog, Martha Stewart, Hilary Duff, Adam Driver, and Serena Williams?

Law & Order (and its spinoffs)


Which Full House character had their last name changed without explanation to the audience?

Uncle Jesse (Jesse Cochran to Jesse Katsopolis) 


In 2017, Rick and Morty kicked off a campaign to bring back a McDonald's dipping sauce originally released for what Disney Movie?

Mulan (The Szechuan Sauce)


In Parks and Rec, Andy Dwyer, played by Chris Pratt, has a band that has comedically gone though many names. What two animals is the band finally named after?

Mouse Rat


In Dr. Stone, two species are turned to stone, humans and what other species?

Birds (Sparrows specifically) 


In Avatar the Last Airbender, which is not an canonic animal in their universe?

A) Owl Bear

B) Skunk Bear

C) Armadillo Bear 

D) Platypus Bear

E) Gopher Bear

F) Bear 

A) Owl Bear (Hoot Growl!)


What '90s sitcom featured the first cell phone? This phone was even nicknamed after one of its iconic and problematic characters.

Saved by the Bell (Zack Morris and the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X)


Nick Offerman, famous for playing Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, cameos for one episode on what crime comedy show?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


In Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which iconic real-life magician played Drell, the Head of the Witches Council?

Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller)


Which Walking Dead character has appeared in every season of the show, but never appeared in the comics?

Daryl Dixon


In the Office, which character had to where a wig for an entire season because their actor cut their hair to star in the movie Leatherheads alongside George Clooney?

Jim (John Krasinski) 


In Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Tohru constantly tries to get Miss Kobayashi to eat what?

A) The best meal of her life.

B) A potion that will turn her into a dragon.

C) Her tail.

D) Inedible objects like tires.

E) Burgers.

C) Her Tail.


In Gravity Falls, Bill Cipher, the main antagonist of the series, is from what dimension?

The Second Dimension


What detective comedy-drama was the first TV series to remake one of it's own episodes, changing the name from "Cloudy...with a Chance of Murder" to "Remake AKA Cloudy...with a Chance of Improvement."?



Monk's theme song, "It's a Jungle Out There", was performed by which singer, also known for their iconic Pixar songs?

Randy Newman


What fate befalls the main characters of Seinfeld at the end of the series?



What was the flight number of the crashed plane in Lost?

Oceanic Flight 815


Britney Spears saved what '00s sitcom from low ratings and potential cancellation by guest starring as "Abby the receptionist"? 

How I Met Your Mother


The creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, is married to Yoshihiro Togashi, another manga artist famous for what Shonen Jump series that ran from 1990 - 1994?

YuYu Hakusho


In the Teen Titans cartoon series (2003), many characters were considered for the iconic group. The writers were heartbroken when they couldn't get the rights to use one character in particular. They included this character as a cameo in the finale of the show, fighting unnamed alongside all of the honorary Teen Titans. What character is this?

Wonder Girl

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