Jessica bought 3 packs of pens and a notebook for $15. Tne notebook cost $3. Each pack of pens cost the same amount. What is the price of 1 pack of pens?
What is $4 per pack
Martha has a ribbon that is 30 inches. She cuts 5 pieces that are 3 inches long each. How much ribbon is left?
What is 15 inches
Kate is making 8 bracelets and a necklace to sell at the school carnival. Each bracelet has 9 beads on it. The necklace has 25 beads. How many beads will she use in all?
What is 97 beads
Ellen is making lemonade. She needs to put 4 lemons in it and 2 more lemons for each cup she is making. If she is making 11 cups, how many lemons will she need in all?
What is 26 lemons
Mrs. Kit has 36 markers. She passed out all the markers and put 6 markers on each table in her classroom. How many tables got markers?
What is 6 tables
Max bought 3 packs of baseball cards. He gave his brother 5 cards. Now he has 13 cards left. How many cards were in each pack?
What is 6 cards per pack
Juanita has 2 boxes with the same number of DVDs in each box. She gave 6 DVDs to a friend. She has 10 DVDs left. How many DVDs were in each box?
What is 8 DVDs
Mary bought a bottled water for $3. She also bought 4 bracelets that were all the same price. She spent a total of $11. How much did each bracelet cost?
What is $2 per bracelet
Juan has 6 packs of stickers with 8 stickers in each pack. He also has 34 more stickers. How many stickers does he have in all?
What is 82 stickers
Mary has 7 pages with 5 pictures on each page in her picture album. She also has 75 more pictures. How many pictures does she have in all?
What is 110 pictures
Donald picked 8 baskets of oranges with 20 oranges in each basket. He also picked 49 more oranges. How many oranges did he pick in all?
What is 209 oranges
Carrie made 4 boxes of muffins with 6 muffins in each box. She also made a basket with 14 muffins in it. How many muffins did she make in all?
What is 38 muffins
Blue Elementary School ordered 48 new student chairs in May and 24 new student chairs in June. The chairs were divided evenly among 9 kindergarten classrooms. How many new student chairs did each classroom receive?
What is 8
A bookstore has 4 boxes of 20 books in each box. On Monday, the bookstore sold 16 books. How many books remain to be sold?
What is 64 books
On Saturday 713 people visisted Central City Park to walk and 212 visited to play sports. On Sunday 372 people visited Central City Park to walk and 212 visited to play sports. What is a reasonable estimate of the difference in the number of people who visited the park on Saturday and Sunday?
What is 300 people
Ellis made 6 placemats with 7 ribbons on each placemat. He also used 39 ribbons on a centerpiece. What is the best estimate of the number of ribbons he used?
What is 80 ribbons
Pat's age is 3 years more than twice Mark's age. Mark is 8 years old. How old is Pat?
What is 19 years old
Tami has 4 packs of 7 stickers and one pack of 25 stickers How many stickers does Tami have altogether?
What is 53 stickers
On Monday, the bookstore sold 75 books. On Tuesday, the bookstore sold 125 books. The bookstore must sell 500 books by Friday. How many more books must the bookstore sell?
What is 300 more books
Ellen has m number of pages with 8 baseball cards on each page in her baseball card album. She also has 62 more baseball cards. Which equation shows how many cards she has in all? A. m x 8+62 B. m+8+62 C. m-8-62 D. m+8x62
What is A. m x 8 + 62
Martin went fishing for 5 days. Each day he caught 10 fish. At the end of the week he gave 7 fish away. How many fish did Martin have at the end of the 5 days?
What is 43 fish
Jacob has 9 packs with 6 markers in each pack. He also has 12 more markers. What is a reasonable estimate of the number of markers he has?
What is 70 markers
Mrs. Leslie bought 8 packages of paint brushes with 4 brushes in each pack. She gave away 10 paint brushes. How many paint brushes did she have after giving away 10?
What is 22 paint brushes
Julie got 7 packs of marbles with 9 marbles in each pack for her birthday. She gave her little sister 8 marbles. How many marbles did she have after giving her sister 8?
What is 55 marbles
A group of 3 friends went out for lunch. Their food cost $21 and their drinks cost $6. If they split the bill equally, how much did each friend pay?
What is $9
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