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These three digits, located in the middle of the VIN number, signify that a 1998-2010 Ford Crown Victoria is, in fact, a "Police Interceptor" model

What is a P71?


Releasing his second and third full studio albums this year, this musical artist (who is generally agreed to have revolutionized the world of electronic music) got his starts in the pop-punk band "From First to Last".

Who is Skrillex?


Manufactured and released in this beautiful city, Max Swan was relocated and moved to Tallahassee at only seven months of age. 

What is New York City?


As well as maintaining its spot as the best-selling gaming console even to this day, this console broke records for its ability not only to play games, but also to play movies off DVD and music off CD as well.

What is the Sony PS2?


This Marvel TV show, which finished its seventh season at the beginning of the pandemic, initially focused on the events happening on the surroundings of the universe of the MCU, before branching into its own entity. 

What is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?


Designed for efficiency in Japanese society, this style of vehicle, made and manufactured by many different companies, were smaller and less spacious, in the name of saving space on Japanese roads and parking areas. 

What is a Kei Car?


With not only an impressive acting career under his belt, this man, known under his stage name as "Childish Gambino" also has a very impressive musical career. 

Who is Donald Glover?


Born in 2006, Max Swan first graced the Earth with their unendingly badass presence on this day in September.

What is the 23rd?


Generally accepted to be one of the most influential video games to pioneer the FPS genre, this fast-paced 90s release focuses on a massive accident at a secret research facility and the attempts of one theoretical physicist to survive. 

What is Half-Life


This Korg synthesizer, which now sits in Gus' living room, became an instant classic upon release, as it blended powerful internals with a reasonable price tag and a very sleek form factor. 

What is the Minilogue?


This well-known luxury car manufacturer was actually founded by an Italian man, and is currently owned by a German parent company, despite having a majority of its brand revolve around the fact that it's a French automaker. 

What is Bugatti?


This well-regarded musical hardware manufacturer also released video equipment for a short time under the brand name Edirol, before simply selling both audio and visual products under their family company name. 

What is Roland?


Having first delved into individual music production from an early age in late elementary school, Max Swan made their first few tracks under this regrettable stage name.

What is Squ1dkid?

Popular co-op FPS game Payday 2 has multiple references to this violent top-down 80s-themed retro-styled shooter.

What is Hotline Miami?


Initially known as Fruity Loops, this DAW is a popular entry point for people who are interested in delving into music production. 

What is FL Studio?


This car, sold in America as the Lexus 400, was sold in the Japanese market under what moniker?

What is the Toyota Celsior?

Known for his countless obscure aliases, having been producing music from the time he was in his early teens, British electronic musician Richard D James is best known under what specific name?

Who is Aphex Twin?


Although an indirect musical inspiration, Max's paternal grandfather professionally played this instrument in several jazz groups, perhaps genetically sealing the deal on Max's musical future. 

What is a Trumpet?

Sony's Playstation 2 had this revolutionary chip powering its 3d graphics, which were a massive step up in quality from its first-generation predecessor. 

What was the Emotion Engine?


This aircraft manufacturer is responsible for the manufacturing of both the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning. 

What is Lockheed Martin?

This automaker, generally regarded as manufacturing "Works of art on wheels", was founded by a former Lamborghini worker who left to pursue his own dreams.

What is Pagani?


This is the stage name of British musician Tom Jenkinson, best known for his unique style of combining electronic and glitchy music with his own performance on the electric bass.

Who is Squarepusher?


Starting their individual study of piano during second grade, Max initially studied under a teacher at this studio, which shared a name with a former member of their Cornerstone graduating class. 

What is Mason's School of Music?


The original Xbox had a notoriously unwieldy controller, which gained this affectionate nickname. 

What was The Duke?


This Chinese company is best known for the manufacture and sale of the best price-for-quality flight simulation equipment, and is the maker of both the throttle and the stick in Max's current HOTAS setup. 

What is VKB?