DAP Matters
Quality in Early Child Care
Family Ties
What is formed when axons and dendrites form a connection?
Safety, appeal, age appropriateness and accessibility.
What are some basic things to keep in mind when you are selecting toys and materials for your classroom?
Create an environment where parents and children feel welcome and included. Provide opportunities for open dialog and two-way communication. Respect parents’ preferences, choices, and concerns for their children. Identify the parents’ strengths and needs.
What are some of the things teachers can intentionally do to help establish a positive, reciprocal relationship with families?
Who is the theorists responsible for the Hierarchy of Needs?
Create a community, teach to enhance development and learning, plan curriculum to achieve identified goals, assess children’s development, establish relationships with families
What are 3 of the 5 guidelines for effective teaching, according to NAEYC?
1. Addressing differences in school success and achievement 2. Integrating and aligning preschool and elementary school programming 3. Improving teacher preparation, professional development and ongoing support
What are three challenges impacting early childhood practices?
Licensure, lower ratios, smaller group size, caregiver qualifications, professional development for staff, health and safety regulations, inclusive environment
What are structural indicators of quality child care.
Language/Custom Barriers Single Parent/Foster Parent/Grandparents as Primary Caregiver Special Needs
What are some of the barriers that affect a parent’s ability to become involved?
Defined four types of play solitary play, parallel play, associative play and cooperative play.
Who is Mildred Parten?
What is the term associated with “assistance a teacher or more skilled peer provides” called?
Developmentally Appropriate Practice
What does DAP stand for?
Solid foundation, and a safe and healthy learning environment.
What are three things found in a quality early learning environment.
Children who participate in quality programming tend to have improved language and cognitive skills, higher math skills, greater social competence, fewer challenging behaviors, and greater academic achievement.
What are benefits associated with high quality child care?
His theory encouraged development through social interactions and extended language opportunities.
Who is Vygotsky?
Observers, nurturer, administrator, programmer, discipliner and teacher.
What are roles caregivers play?
Considering what is typical for a child within a given age group, knowledge about the general pattern of growth and knowing typical behaviors and growth patterns for a certain age group for the children in care.
What is "age appropriateness"?
Curriculum and established routines, language and reasoning activities, sensitive and responsive interactions, collaboration and provisions for parents and families, child-size furnishings, well defined and equipped space that meets the needs of all children
What are process indicators of quality child care and give examples of each?
Forming partnerships
What are ways we support healthy growth and development in children.
He asserts that humans go through certain stages of intellectual development sensorimotor, preoperational, egocentric and concrete-operational and formal operations.
Who is Jean Piaget?
A person who reaches outside of the child care program to connect to neighborhoods and resources.
What is a Community Networker?
Considering the needs of each child as a unique individual, being aware that all children are different. Although a child is a certain age, his/her temperament, personality, and family history are all factors that affect his/her development.
What is "Individual Appropriateness"?
Age appropriateness, individual appropriateness and social/cultural appropriateness.
What are the three core components associated with Developmentally Appropriate Practice.
An emotional tie to a specific person and/or thing
What is attachment?
His theory suggests the way adults interact with children in the initial stages determines how the children will develop, because each stage is built upon the previous stage including the following eight stages: • Trust vs. Mistrust • Autonomy vs. Doubt/Shame • Initiative vs. Guilt • Industry vs. Inferiority • Identity vs. Role Confusion • Intimacy vs. Isolation • Generativity vs. Stagnation • Integrity vs. Despair
Who is Erik Erikson?
Early childhood scholarship program used to assist caregivers in going back to school to continue education in child care.
What is T.E.A.C.H?
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